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What is your favorite Covenant and why?

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    If I were to choose a modern Covenant, it would be wither the Invictus or the Ordo Dracul. Actually, the chances are it would be Invictus THEN Ordo- the promise of power of the Invictus interest me, and the represent a very classic vampire trope of a vast conspiracy of power and connections. However, earthly wealth and power draws me only to a certain limit, and the emphasis of the Ordo around investigation and self discovery together with seeking for new phenomena for research is much more interesting for me on the long run.

    However, the Ordo is still only the third on my "favorite Covenant" list. The first is (as I mentioned) the Weihan Cynn, and the second is the Cult of Augurs (with all of their emphasis on divination, mix of charlatans and real magic, roman rituals where politics and mysticism flow together and the fact their very magic is called "poison" makes a very good basis for tricksters, oracles and false prophets who play with their power to cause their prophesies to self fulfill). The funny thing is that I seem to like the ancient cults which were later absorbed into the Circle, but the Circle is my least favorite Covenant. Only to show you that (blood) magic is not everything in (un)life.

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      Sticking with modern options since I don't have the books talking about the ancient ones yet, probably Ordo followed by Carthians. On an individual level, the Ordo's goals are far and away the most useful to me. At a community level, Carthians are slightly less likely than the others to irritate me tremendously. All told though, I like everyone but the Lancea. The Lancea, shrug, "God had damned us with no hope of redemption but we can serve a holy purpose by doing evil against his people." No, I'm not in. I can find my own purpose, thank you very much. Blood Sorcery that mimics divine wrath is awesome but Lancea theology makes my head hurt.


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        To a degree I like all the covenants. Invictus is probably closest to my heart. I'm rather reliable individual, one that can be counted on to do something so I wouldn't have much trouble adapting to world of oaths and duty. Also in a world as nasty as that of CofD you need neat little rules in place to carry you through. LS is too christian, CoC at its worst sounds like some fake granola religion for vampires and Carthians are their own doom.
        Ordo Dracul I like for the benefits but I don't have patience and interest for working in a lab. Also, I have distaste for coaching and self-improvement


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          I prefer the Lance, the Crone, or the Carthian Movement.

          Ordo and Invictus can kiss my ass.


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            I kind of like them all in their own way. They all bring something to the table and offer different perspectives on the Requiem.


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              I love VII because of how mysterious and rich for plot potential they are. Of course, not as a player character covenant but as something the ST can use to add mystery, drama and the grotesque to a Vampire chronicle.

              For player characters, I prefer the Invictus because of how they represent, to me, the archetypal "Vampire Lords" in a socio-political sense. Nonetheless, I enjoy all the covenants and can see myself playing as a member of any of them. Maybe the one I like least is Lancea, but I don't really know why I don't like them as much.


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                Circle of the Crone, hands-down.

                While I like and appreciate the pagan aesthetic, that's not the main reason.

                The main reason is that the Circle is the only Vampire organization that accepts what they are. Every other Covenant has some coping mechanism to deal, while the Circle is just like "You know? This is what we are now. No sense wallowing in misery over it." Not to say I'd wallow in being a monster, because vampires are more than just monsters, but it's appealing to me to just accept and be cool with who you are without angsting over missions from God or focusing on trying to evolve into something else or whatever else.


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                  Gallows Post. I fell in love when reading the entry in Requiem for Regina. I have not played Dark Eras before but am about to start such a game as a Gangrel whose concept is "Feral Trapper."

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                    My own personal political affiliation seem to drift toward the Carthians (Covenants are just the political parties of the Damned) though 2 in every 3 characters I make is usually Invictus, I like the modernized feudal aristocracy and the things you can do with it.


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                      Originally posted by Shawarbaaz View Post
                      My own personal political affiliation seem to drift toward the Carthians (Covenants are just the political parties of the Damned) though 2 in every 3 characters I make is usually Invictus, I like the modernized feudal aristocracy and the things you can do with it.
                      As a side note they're the closest thing there is to the Camarilla from Masquerade, which makes them easier to work with because of the familiarity.


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                        Circle of the Crone and Lancea et Sactum. I find the layer mysteries interesting, like there is this basic layer, the base line of these modern covenants, but there all these little mysteries, like Cruac's connections with the Strix and the Malisons of the Dhampyr's, the general history of blood sorceries that resemble and in some cases got absorbed into these Sorceries, they prechristian Theban.

                        Then there are the dark aberrations of the magic like the Theban rite where one can make a deal with the dark one for ones soul.

                        Who were the Lilitu and what happened to this.

                        Layer upon layer of mysteries.


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                          Hands down my favorite covenant is the Invictus. The top down power structure and 'elite among the elite' culture is fun. My close second would be the Sanctified.