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    Ok so I have been away from Requiem for quite some time. Imagine my surprise when I was perusing the wiki and discovered about a bajillion new covenants, local and dead and whatnot. A lot of them sound really interesting. Where the heck is all the information on these covenants? The Tenth Choir and the various Islamic covenants sound pretty cool.

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    Most show up in the setting section of 2E core, being nothing but mentioned in name and some general description. Others are described at the Broken Covenants section, or in the Dark Era, Danse Macabre and Ancient Mysteries supplement. One, the Le Mystere, was mentioned by name only in Secrets of the Covenants, but it is obvious they are the long wished Voodoo Covenant.

    More specifically- the Tenth Choir is a Broken Covenant with general description in the Core, but would gain full writeup at the upcoming Dark Eras 2. One of the Islamic Covenants (Banu Shaitan) shows up in Ancient Mysteries, while Al Hamasoun is mentioned in the Soulless and the Dead Dark Era, I think.
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