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[2ed Conversion] Melissidae Bloodline

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  • [2ed Conversion] Melissidae Bloodline

    I was looking in the forums for a conversion, since I didn't found a full one, I decided to make one myself. I'll not change the mote or some basic things, but will try to create a gift and merits that can make the bloodline work without extremely high levels of Disciplines. I'll use the Bane created by Jacob, cause it really seems fit with the new Conditions System.


    Hush, now you shouldn’t struggle so. This is for your own good.

    In the back of every Melissid’s undead brain, she feels an itch, a chittering, rustling presence: the beginning of a hive-mind. Hungry, it needs to grow, it needs to control, it needs to surround itself with drones and workers, so that it can find comfort. To be alone in her own head fills a Melissid with a sense of panic. This panic drives the Melissadae.
    The Queen Bees don’t just want control, they need it. They have no choice. A few Melissidae, repelled by a realization of what they’ve become, try to escape. For those who have their powers, though, it’s too easy to use them, to give in to temptation. A little push there, a twist here. One thing leads to another, and soon the Kindred finds herself surrounded by slaves. She’s become the slave master.

    Background: The Melissidae are almost all female. It’s not that the bloodlines observe prohibitions against Embracing men. However, the Melissidae are naturally drawn to Embrace women, simply because it feels right to them for a Queen to be female. They are the mothers of their hives.
    Other than gender, no other single criteria affects how the Melissidae select childer. The Queen Bees Embrace whoever they choose, and choose, more often than not, based on nothing more than personal whim.

    The Becoming: The process of becoming a Queen Bee is automatic, the future Queen Bee slowly starts to develop a connection to his sire hive-mind, and after some time, the transformation is complete. It’s hard to imagine an “ordinary” Ventrue electing to join the bloodline, and certainly no tales have so far surfaced regarding a vampire approaching the Melissidae with the intention of joining them. Having said that, should a situation arise in which a vampire does ask to join the Melissidae, it’s likely that she’d be accepted immediately, no questions asked. A Melissidae Avus would assume that the transformation of the Ventrue's blood would take care of any questions of attitude. In most cases, she’d be right.

    In the Danse Macabre: The Melissidae tend not to agree wholeheartedly with any of the five major covenants, but this doesn’t stop them sometimes finding some common cause. Due to their heritage, however, they usually find it best to keep their bloodline hidden. It’s useful for a Melissid to have allies, and quite a reasonable number of Queen Bees have made at least a show of joining one of the covenants, and not always because they respect the covenants’ philosophies. For some, there’s safety in numbers, and that’s all.

    Nickname: Queen Bees
    Clan: Ventrue

    Bloodline Bane: If separated by 100 yards or more for more than an hour from an individual drone of a hive belonging to her or to her sire, or from another Melissid she gains the Frightened Condition.
    Bloodline Disciplines: Auspex, Animalism, Resilience, Dominate

    Merit: Honey Trap (•)
    Most Melissidae develop this merit, this is here just to remember that it exists.
    Vampire the Requiem 2nd Edition page 112

    Bloodline Gift: Hive-Mind

    If there's a reason other Kindred fear this Bloodline is because of this gift. The Melissidae transform their servants in real drones, too alien to function outside their own bizarre community. When joining the bloodline, a Queen Bee becomes part of his Sire hive.

    Hive Mind
    A Melissidae starts to develop a hive-mind that grant him several benefits. First, he can use Animalism on swarms of insects as if they are a single creature. Second, they can learn the bloodline Devotions without being taught, a player only needs to have the Experience points and Disciplines required for the devotions, the hive-mind shares its secrets with him to help him expand it. Lastly, they develop a telepathic link with his sire and its drones, this allows him to send telepathic signals way more specifics than the ones from Blood Sympathy. As long as he has one of his sire drone in his line of sight, he can send to the sire short telepathic signals, such as: “Danger approaching”, “In need of help”, “The Prince is dead” and others short signals. He does not need to talk when sending the signals. He needs only to spend a point of Willpower and roll Intelligence + Expression. The maximum distance this signal can reach is 100 miles. Some penalties may apply based on distance.
    More than 1 mile away -1 dice
    More than 5 miles away -2 dices
    More than 10 miles away -3 dices
    More than 20 miles away -4 dices
    More than 50 miles away -5 dices
    Roll Results
    Dramatic Failure: The Melissid loses connection with his sire hive-mind for the remainder of the scene. If he does not have his own drones, he immediately suffers from the Frightened Condition, as his mind enters in panic from the lost connection.
    Failure: The signal is not sent.
    Success: A short signal is sent, the signal can be a short sentence.
    Exceptional Success: The signal is so strong that even a complex sentence can be sent.

    Hive-Mind Devotions

    Swarm Communion (Animalism •, Dominate •••)
    Cost: 1 Willpower to initiate the communion plus 1 Vitae for each people affected
    Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy + Animalism vs Composure + Blood Potency.
    This power creates a temporary hive-mind affinity on targets affected by the vampire Mesmerized condition. This extends the duration of the Mesmerized condition to the next sunrise and allows the vampire, for the duration of this power, to use the Dominate, Auspex, Nightmare, Majesty and similar powers on one of the Mesmerized subjects and affect all of them at once.
    Roll Results
    Dramatic Failure: The Melissid is unable to maintain control over the Communion, breaking the Mesmerized Condition on all targets affected by this power and he also gets the Distracted Condition for the remainder of the scene.
    Failure: The Melissid fails to create a communion between the targets.
    Success: The target is added to the Swarm, experiencing a rudimentary hive-mind. They're disoriented and giddy, suffering the Distracted condition while in communion with the Swarm. All psychic Discipline powers used by the Melissid on them work as if on one individual, using the highest available trait or dice pool for resistance if one is applicable.
    Exceptional Success: As a success, except that the Swarm uses the lowest available trait or dice pool for resistance.
    This power cost 2 Experience point.

    Conditioning (Dominate ••••)
    For the Hive Induction power, Melissidae need to develop this Devotion first.
    Vampire the Requiem 2nd Edition page 143
    This power cost 2 Experience point.

    Hive Induction (Swarm Communion, Conditioning)
    Cost: 3 Vitae and 3 Willpower to create the initial hive-mind and 2 Vitae and 1 Willpower for each subsequent member introduced.
    Dice pool: Presence + Intimidation + Dominate vs Composure
    This power strips away any vestiges of individual personality. The targets need to be affected by the Subservient condition, but not the Enslaved condition. For every night, you make a roll as if you were Conditioning the target, but when the Willpower is fully marked, the target gains the Drone-Mind condition instead of the Enslaved one. This power, different from Conditioning, can be used once per night per target. Once the initial cost of Willpower and Royal Jelly has been paid, the Melissid only needs to pay it again if something disturbs his work. A Melissid can maintain a hive with a number of drones equal to the square of her Blood Potency plus one. To turn a mortal into a mindless drone is monstrous: Kindred will be required to make degeneration checks of Humanity 3 every time they use this power. This power only works on ordinary mortals (non-template) and ghouls.
    This power cost 3 Experience point.

    Mock Mind (Auspex •••, Hive Induction)
    Cost: 2 Vitae, 1 Willpower
    Dice pool: Intelligence + Empathy + Dominate
    This power enables the Melissid to imbue a drone with an entirely fake but wholly convincing personality, constructed from lingering fragments of identity subsumed by the hive-mind. This false personality can, once installed, be activated or de-activated with a telepathic cue from the drone’s queen or from another Melissid with this power attached to the hive (such as one of the queen’s childer). When activated, the drone’s Social and Mental Attributes and Skills return to the levels they held before his induction into the hive-mind. The mask personality fools mortals, but has no aura; attempts at telepathic scanning, Auspex or similar powers find that beneath the surface, there is literally nothing. A failure to activate this power causes the personality created to take hold of the drone. If this happens, the drone, believing himself always to have been this new person, won’t actually know what’s happened to him and is not considered a part of the hive-mind anymore. It loses the Drone-Mind condition and acquires the False Memories condition. Such ex-drones are dangerous and promptly hunted to be reintroduced on the hive-mind.
    This power cost 2 Experience point.

    New Condition: Drone-Mind
    You’ve become a drone. Your memories and individual personality has been erased by a process, you are now sharing one mind with other drones under a Melissid direction. You can't exist too far away from other drones without panicking. When in peril, you can raise a telepathic alarm signal. Any other drones, their Melissid sire or any other Melissidae associated with the hive (such as childer of the Melissid queen) can perceive the alarm. If such an alarm is made during the day, when the hive-queen sleeps, the queen’s player may roll Humanity to awaken. The Melissid, as queen of the hive, has the power to contact any member of the hive telepathically and can use Possession on any member of the hive-mind without making eye contact, as long as one member of the hive is within the Melissid’s line of sight. Social and Mental Skills for hive drones are reduced to 1, unless working with other drones; Social and Mental attributes are reduced to 1, unless the target is a Ghoul, they reduce this attributes to 2 instead, acting as royal guards and scouts. When seen working in concert, the silent co-operation of members of the hive disturbs and offends, a successful Wits + Empathy roll shows that the drones are plainly, terribly wrong.
    The player should only continue playing a character with this Condition if there’s a chance of removing this condition. A former hive member would, in all likelihood, suffer from severe psychiatric trauma, and is unlikely to be able to function again in society, since much of his memory has vanished or been subsumed.
    Possible Sources: Hive-Induction
    Resolution: Kill the vampire who controls you. Keep isolated by more than a mile from the rest of the hive for more than one week.

    Other Devotions
    The Melissidae have developed a number of Devotions unique to their bloodline. Although not a part of the Hive-mind Devotions, these powers can be learned by using the bloodline gift as well. They can even be taught to outsiders, but so far, few Melissidae have done such thing.

    Royal Jelly (Dominate •, Resilience •)
    Cost: 1 Willpower and 1+ Vitae (varies)
    A Melissidae is capable of producing a sweet like honey substance called Royal Jelly. They can convert 1 point of Vitae in 1 point of Royal Jelly per Blood Potency. This substance is sweet and unbearably addictive, causing the drinker to suffer a -2 penalty on rolls to avoid Vitae addiction. In addition, the drinker must roll for Vitae addiction for each point of Royal Jelly consumed, with a cumulative penalty, even if taken in the same scene. Thus, the first point requires a roll of Resolve + Composure - 3, the second point a roll of Resolve + Composure - 4, and so on. The Melissid can choose how much of his Vitae is transformed in the process, but they can only store as much Royal Jelly as they have Blood Potency.
    This power costs 2 Experience points.

    Sting (Dominate ••, Animalism •)
    Cost: 1 Vitae
    Dice Pool: Wits + Brawl + Dominate vs Resolve + Blood Potency
    With a brush of her lips, or a kiss or a lick, a Queen Bee stings her victim, causing him to experience a brief epiphany of pain so intense he’s unable to do anything other than writhe and gasp. To activate this power, a Melissid must first be in a position in which she can touch her victim with her mouth. Successful activation of the power causes the victim to be unable to take any action, even to speak or scream.
    Roll Results
    Dramatic Failure: The target proves too resilient to be affected, he is immune from futher attempts for the next three nights.
    Failure: The Melissid fails to sting its target.
    Success: The target is overcome with a intense sensation of pain, he cannot act unless he spend a point of Willpower for a number of turns equal the number of sucess.
    Exceptional Success: No additional effects.
    This power costs 3 Experience points.

    Honeycomb Heart (Animalism ••, Resilience ••)
    Cost: 3 Vitae
    Dice Pool: Strength + Survival + Animalism
    A Melissid can learn how to use her useless lungs and digestive apparatus as a beehive or a wasps’ nest.
    The activation of this power does not require any rollings, just the expenditure of Vitae. After 3 nights, the Melissid develops the beehive inside his body. It can be maintained expending 1 point of Vitae per week. At any time during this period, the Vampire can vomit a swarm on its targets, using the dice pool. It causes the Distracted Condition for a number of turns equal the number of successes. For every turn the victim also receives a point of bashing damage. The Melissid can call the swarm back at any moment, but after 3 uses of the swarm, the colony dies and the Queen Bee needs to use this power again to develop a new colony.
    This power cost 2 Experience point.
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    If I'm reading this right the Bloodline Boon you've given them is they can take a merit, if so I recommend replacing it with the effects of the merit at a level equal to their Blood Potincy, also I would consider removing the once per daysleep and just allowing them to create Royal Jelly equal to Blood Potecy for one Willpower.


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      Originally posted by Live Bait View Post
      If I'm reading this right the Bloodline Boon you've given them is they can take a merit, if so I recommend replacing it with the effects of the merit at a level equal to their Blood Potincy, also I would consider removing the once per daysleep and just allowing them to create Royal Jelly equal to Blood Potecy for one Willpower.
      Yeah, after thinking a little this helps in high Blood Potency levels. I just didn't removed the daysleep thing cause it was part of the fantasy of having the substance transform slowly.

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      Vampire Bloodlines: Abhartach, Kiasyd, Melissidae
      Ordo Dracul Coils: Primal Blood
      Mage Legacies: Infernal Ones, Daoine


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        Fair enough, be aware that as writen staying up all day stops you being able to make Royal Jelly but outside of one Coil of the Dragon not many kindred do that.


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          It looks cool, mostly but dont really care for the "Royal Jelly" power taking the place of "They make vampires uncomfortable by being like them only more so"


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            Originally posted by Prince of the Night View Post
            It looks cool, mostly but dont really care for the "Royal Jelly" power taking the place of "They make vampires uncomfortable by being like them only more so"
            I tought the same thing. And after have encountered another conversion who uses the Royal Jelly as the gift for this lineage, I thought about changing some things.
            I tried my best to get the old identity the bloodline had on 1st edition now.

            What do you guys think about it now?

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            Vampire Bloodlines: Abhartach, Kiasyd, Melissidae
            Ordo Dracul Coils: Primal Blood
            Mage Legacies: Infernal Ones, Daoine