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    Originally posted by Daimon View Post
    I suppose that "Bereschligost" is Russian word "Бережливость", which means thrift. If so, than it should be "Bereschlivost". Not sure about "sch" part either -- I'm not an expert on transliteration, but "Berejlivost" would probably be more pronounceable for those who don't know Russian.
    I'd say "Бережливость" as Berezhlivost would be a good informal transliteration, if that's the word. That being said, sch is how ж would be transliterated in German, since it doesn't really contain the sound ж represents, and that would fit with the idea that the name didn't come directly from Russian to English. So Berezhlivost would be more accurate in English, but Bereschlivost would suggest it has more history.

    As for the g/v thing, it might be an archaism (there are cases where the г-character came to represent /v/; I don't know what the circumstances/rules are), but I couldn't find any examples spelt with a Cyrillic "ge", at least on Google. Or it's meant to represent a different word, but "thrift" fits the theme pretty well.

    If it's a proper errata, Bereschligost appears in the sidebars on pages 53 and 78.

    Disclaimer: I neither speak Russian nor am an actual linguist, I just know random crap.
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      on page 15 it says "from all other clans" instead of covenants which is pretty obviously what it meant.


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        P.46- "..untimely Final Demise is she isn't careful". I believe the term should be Final Death

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