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Top 10 favorite/hated bloodlines

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  • Top 10 favorite/hated bloodlines

    I also want your whys and why nots
    Rules 1 can be separated to each edition 2 honorable/dishonorable mentions are allowed

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    1. Yagnatia - I like the idea of nosferatu in positions of power and not looking like leftoover dinner from week ago. Also they are Tzimisce without meme discipline
    2. Baddacelli - nosferatu again. Love the vampire hunting with sound. Reminds me of Night Watch movie(with was kinda bad-bad but some of the stuff was fun)
    3. Rotgrafen- vampire vikings. c'mon
    4. Architects of the monolith - vampire freemasons. c'mon
    5. Deucalion - vampire nazis. c'mon

    1.Geheim - nazi vampire done wrong. Also blood alchemy fills kinda wasted on them
    2.Sons of Cade - might be because I played too much broforce
    3.Sangiovanni - Masquarade please go
    4. Carnon - how do you even play this?
    5. Whatever bloodline one of my players brings up when rerolling his character that makes hims super edgy


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      Favorites (In no particular order)

      1. Toreador - Obviously inspired by their Masquerade counterparts but I find irresistible charm in the focus on patronage, bullfighting and Spain

      2. Architects of the Monolith - The idea is pretty well thought out and thematically brilliant

      3. Morbus - Interesting weakness, interesting discipline, so much to work with

      4. Taifa - Simply because I appreciate the portrayal of Arabic culture as being more than bloodthirsty extremists and terrorists

      5. Erzsébet - Beautiful concept done surprisingly well

      6. Khaibit - Badass, what can I say more?



      Most Bloodlines, I hate how quantity over quality was prioritized when writing them


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        Haven’t delved deep into Vampire yet, but so far I like the three 2e Bloodlines; Neglatu, Khaibit, and Kerberos. (Were there more for 2e that I haven’t seen?)

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          The Morbus bloodline was resurrected.


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            Originally posted by tsusasi View Post
            The Morbus bloodline was resurrected.
            In Dark Eras, not a Requiem book. Needs reminding, that is all.

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              Originally posted by FallenEco View Post

              In Dark Eras, not a Requiem book. Needs reminding, that is all.
              Dark Eras is a 2nd edition book, for the Chronicles of Darkness in general. If you want to get all technical, there isn't any 2nd ed. Requiem at all, it's Blood and Smoke.


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                Actually, yes there is. It was Blood and Smoke for a while, but now is Requiem second edition.

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                  Made apparent by the fact that the latest version of Blood & Smoke is titled Vampire The Requiem Second Edition.

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                    Am I the only one who was disappointed that they used bloodline disciplines again? I much preferred the idea of having a fourth Clan discipline as a tool for bloodline gifts and devotions.

                    Nightmare would've been excellent for Cachexy.


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                      Originally posted by tsusasi View Post

                      Dark Eras is a 2nd edition book, for the Chronicles of Darkness in general. If you want to get all technical, there isn't any 2nd ed. Requiem at all, it's Blood and Smoke.
                      What? I'm pretty sure it was called Sexmurder: Buy This!


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                        Bloodlines I like:
                        • Kerberos - The Social Predator. It's perfect for social Gangrels. Only downside is the boring no 10 Again bane. It's so boring we almost always forget about it, so at least it isn't particularly punishing for my character.
                        • Khaibit - Awesome lore. Awesome powers. Only problem is retaining Obtenebration as the name for their bloodline gift in second edition. I don't mind Masquerade references, but it makes no sense when all the individual powers are in Egyptian.
                        • Macellarius. Awesome fluff. They are monstrous in many, many ways, which makes them awesome to hate and be disgusted by. I might even update Gustus so that their most iconic abilites (flesh eating, and storing Vitae in fat) aren't limited by willpower costs or being an activated ability, respectively. I'd prefer the latter to be a permanent buff, and the former to be more common. There are enough problems with eating people that you don't have to make it cost Willpower once they've actually managed to get a hold of a victim.

                        Honorary mention:
                        • Moroi - I'm not particularly a fan of the published version, but in our game we've taken the core concept and homebrewed it quite extensively. They have Protean instead of Animalism, and their bloodline gift comes in the form of mutations; bloodline unique Merits that makes their physical form more and more capable. The elders of this bloodline are quite close to gargoyles from VtM. But since all this is just homebrew the official version gets a honorary mention for being the inspiration. Also, it would've been much cooler if Nosferatus could be the Avus for Gangrels and vice versa. Otherwise it becomes obvious it's actually two different bloodlines rather than one that can be joined by more than one clan.

                        Bloodlines I dislike:
                        • Bak-Ra - They have some nice fluff, but if I ever wanted to play a Bak-Ra character I'd just roll up an ordinary Mekhet and copy the Bak-Ra background. There's just too little mechanical incentive to want to join the bloodline rather than playing it out through pure RP. In fact, that's actually one of my character ideas for a future campaign we're planning.
                        • All the other bloodlines that have similar problems as the Bak-Ra, but on top of that are so forgettable I can't be bothered to write them up individually.

                        Honorary mention:
                        • En - For being the most broken bloodline ever. It's certainly not a bad concept, but it's extremely frustrating when you find a nice bloodline for your Gangrel (and there are certainly not many good Gangrel bloodlines) and then have your coterie mate gain the exact same powers (without the bane you're forced to have) on top of all their other powers they've gotten. Good on paper. Frustrating in play. And there's really no reason they should be limited to Daevas since the "bloodline" is actually a demon.
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                        Bloodline: The Stygians
                        Ordo Dracul Mysteries: Mystery of Smoke, Revised Mystery of Živa
                        Mage The Awakening: Spell Quick Reference (single page and landscape for computer screens)


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                          Bloodlines I like (two of each Clan)-

                          Spina- I just adore they way the "vampire knight" concept, and it makes some real sense as a part of the Daeva themes. In 2e, I assume most of their powers would be Majesty Devotions, with the extra Discipline being Resilience perhaps? Maybe too OP, but still.

                          Zelani- I like the all mysterious atmosphere they have around them, and the "being in the right place and the right time" kind of thing. In 2e I would give them Auspex and make their Discipline into Majesty/Asupex Devotions.

                          Bohagande- I like their probability manipulation powers and connection to bad luck. In 2e I would give them Majesty, and use it as a base for their curse powers Devotions.

                          Childer of the Morrigan- raven based bloodline with special blood magic, what there is not to love?

                          Khaibit- because shadow manipulating cultists of Set who use their vampire abilities to fight even greater terrors than vampires is just plain awesome.

                          Iltani- vampire assassins which use negative feelings as poison. Again, awesome.

                          Galloi- their blood bathing ritual and desire for beauty just makes a great antithesis for the regular Nosferatu. I'll give them Vigor and replace their Discipline with a Bloodline Gift and Majesty Devotions.

                          Licinii- because nobles who hide their deformity behind masks and robes creates some great creative vision.

                          Dragolescu- restless investigators who see themselves as Lords over the Dead and which are never satisfied at doing things at small scale. There is a reason I converted them to 2e.

                          Apollinaire- because voodoo vampires who sacrifice their eye to the Lord of the Dead to rule over boundaries, that's why. In 2e I would give them Auspex, if not a unique Discipline based around bending space and boundaries.

                          Bloodlines I dislike (one per Clan)-

                          Macellarius- I literally can't stomach the whole "fat nobles who cannibalize human flesh". I know many people find them as cool, but I would burn them with fire.

                          Moroi- I just find them as boring, plain and simple.

                          Players- an in setting parody bloodline. It is funny on meta level, but I don't feel the interest at trying them as nothing more than comic relief.

                          Oberloch- yeah, I'm going to ignore the cannibal family which keeps aging until they are nothing but a bag of bones, ok?

                          Carnival- yikes. Just yikes. Never liked the concept of a murderous circus/freak show, and always thought it cause more harm by styling people who suffer from deformities as monsters. In short, yikes.

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