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Broken Masquerade and the covenants

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    Originally posted by Shawarbaaz View Post
    I love how me and Khanwulf's statements conflict lol

    Not at all, actually. It depends on social context.

    Let me elaborate: in the modern era, since the 1800s at least the main social objective has been to hammer realism into the minds of citizenry worldwide. Mandatory schooling is a pillar of this (see quotes, V.I. Lenin). We--as I assume no one reading was born before 1900--are products of the "Modern Age" and have a healthy skepticism for the supernatural.

    This is abnormal for human history. And in many cultures today that are less "modernized" the supernatural is very real, very present and a matter of concern. It's handled in various ways--often to the detriment of the individual suffering from health issues. Similarly, great good fortune may be looked on with suspicion because it's a sign of witchcraft until proven otherwise.

    So, overlay the CofD and you have a modern age that is probably one of the safest for vampires in human history: no superstitious eyes looking for things like them going bump in the night, no uncontained fires, and even edged weapons are unfashionable! Let alone easy banking and money transference. If a fellow sees something strange? He'll tell his friend and they'll agree that the part of town just isn't what it used to be, and discuss football.

    Walk back to a DE, however, and even a case of the low-blood-volume swoons may be chalked up to evil spirits and a wise-person called in to dig around. These investigators are dangerous and while the common folk are going to struggle mightily to explain something odd and get back to their bone-crushingly busy lives of poverty and depredation, the priest-investigator-doctors (take your selected social role) feel a mandate to uncover threats to their communities and will act accordingly.

    The inquisition is what happens when investigators are linked back into a super-organization with the resources and reach to deal with real and surmised supernatural problems. Cue hysteria.