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Can Majesty, or a bloodbond, work with a kindred in a "Advisorary" role?

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  • Can Majesty, or a bloodbond, work with a kindred in a "Advisorary" role?

    was wondering would it work for a kindred to be taken in by some socialite as a "Guest"

    and to try subduing the effects of the bloodbond, so it seems the persons just attentive to their advise, because its so sound.

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    I don't think you could (or should be able to) do it with a blood bond - it's the most powerful tool, so it makes sense for it to be the bluntest. But you could probably do it with Majesty - even if it took a Devotion, enough vampires would be interested enough in the tactic that there'd be one.


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      hmmmn for a devotion ideas?

      does dominate and auxpex seem like good powers to pair with majesty?

      auxpex helps you be seen as wise and sagacious, dominate,lets you give precise instructions that majesty numbs to "Advise" that is followed because your advvise is so sound.


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        Could you explain what you mean by advisory? I don't quite understand the question being asked here.


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          controlling someone through 'advise'


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            In VtR 2nd Ed. you can do this directly with Majesty--it depends entirely on your approach to the subject. You can use Majesty directly to seduce and convince someone to do something, but if it really was a bad idea they'll have regrets later (unlike Dominate, where they simply won't remember). Or, you can use Majesty along with good advice to ensure they take that advice; when Majesty wears off they'll still remember the vampire, remember that it was really good advice, and even if they are re-weighing some of the arguments for or against a course of action they are likely to return to the vamp for further discussion.

            Majesty makes you a best friend, confident and exciting person to be around/talk to/etc. Be as subtle as you want with that.

            Now, if you actually want to give GOOD advice, then yes, pairing with Auspex is going to help, but it won't substitute for building a network of information gatherers and having decent skills applicable to the area of focus (business, politics, romance, whatever). You'll have plenty of time to ask Auspex questions after slapping the subject with a few full-scene conditions.

            Now, nothing keeps you from developing a custom Devotion to help you do things faster/more accurately/more efficiently (in blood), but you're capable of fulfilling the role with just the two Disciplines at moderate-to-low levels.

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              Originally posted by Prince of the Night View Post
              controlling someone through 'advise'
              So, though social manuevering? Using the Kiss and the Competative/Wanton condition together can be good for that kind of thing. Majesty at the first and second dot can operate as "trusted person that can do no wrong" status. Low levels of the blood bond, when dosed unawares can easily raise your impression - just keep it spread out over the year and below three drinks so you don't get to that slavish 3rd stage.


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                Manipulation and persuasion can control someone through advice. You would be manipulating them.

                Majesty dot 2 or 4 would make them listen to you explicitly like MCN said. They wouldnt think you are steering them wrong because you are just that amazing.

                I still do not quite understand how blood bond relates to your question, so I will not respond to that.


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                  The blood bond has a few effects, but the most notable in this case is that it forcefully raises the victim's impression of you as well as gives you bonus dice in social situations. The first stage gives you a +1 die bonus and bumps impression up by one. Second stage is a +2 bonus and two impression levels higher. Third stage blood bond gives +3 social dice and always-perfect impression, as well as improved discpline durations. Its that third stage that's really the heavy-duty obvious slavery mind control - the other two levels aren't as obvious, though I do recommend just staying with 1.

                  So, it does help a fair amount with social-fu, which is what's going on here. That said, the accompanying blood addiction can be tricky to deal with, so its very touch-and-go. Best to rely on stage 1 or 2 at the very very most, and always give the blood on the sly so they don't know what's going on; dealing with someone that knows they're addicted to your blood is often more trouble than its worth.

                  Honestly, though probably the best option for this kind of thing is snagging either Fast Talking or Etiquette, then Sympathetic, rather than worry about blood bonds. Or just rely entirely on Majesty. Majesty can avoid the need for social maneuvering, while for social maneuvering, you want to focus more on opening doors all at once than having a large dice pool.


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                    oh on a similar issue, how would kindred view someone moving in with a (wealthy) childe, rather then vice versa?

                    ala "Interview with a vampire"


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                      I don't think they'd blink an eye at it? I mean, its quite common to ghoul someone for access to their resources and contacts. This is a step up from that, in that we're talking childer instead a ghoul, but otherwise it fits right in with how vampires operate. Not all vampires fit the stereotypical Invictus image of the wealthy high society type.

                      Granted, a lot of it is going to depend on context, and harpies gonna harp, but still.
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