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[2E] Ordo Dracul - Mystery of Supernatural?

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  • [2E] Ordo Dracul - Mystery of Supernatural?

    I'm running Werewolf game with Vampire NPCs - one of them is Ordo Dracul biology doctor who is also Wolf Blooded from birth. I want her to dwell into powers of other than vampires supernatural beings ( werewolves, of course, but maybe others also) - I look for the suitable Mystery for her. From VtR 2E corebook MAYBE Mystery of Wyrm will be working ( because of Beast and Death Rage similarities), but I would be much more interested in other Mysteries, much better working with seeking power from other supernaturals. Are there Mysteries like those in 2E suplement or fans do something like that?

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    Secrets of the covenants had the Coil of Zirnitra (I just know I butchered that), and it was a coil all about buying supernatural merits, which vampires can not take.


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      Coil of Zirnitra also has a Scale for taking powers directly from other supernatural beings by transplanting a symbolically significant organ.

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