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    Originally posted by Baaldam View Post

    Truth be told, i'm lazy like hell in the powers angle - lore and devotions are the way to go for me, with some occassional BP requirement for anything with a bit more overpowered puisance.

    Same. I meant Devotions over Disciplines. I feel there is a lot more interest in the result of "2 Clan Disciplines + Clan Weakness + Clan Lore = New Technique" over "here's 5 new tricks for you to learn in order".

    Lore is also more interesting, especially if the mechanics support it. A vampire with Majesty and Protean is a bit meh, but a Daeva who developed Protean from living in aquatic areas to become "merfolk/sirens", that developed a need to feed while predominantly submerged, lends to far more interesting story telling when your come from a line of creatures and are representative of a legacy.

    IMO, if there were at least a Bloodline for each of the Clan Discipline combos, I'd encourage players to choose their Legacy Bloodline at character creation - but still be given the choice to diverge at BP 3 or whatever. Gives a more solid identify - especially to "who was your sire?"

    Support new ideas. If you must criticize, always offer advice to the creator on how they could improve, or even suggest alternative solutions to fix a problem you can see. Dismissive comments should be equally dismissed as attempts to grab attention. Focus only on contributions that help you grow and develop, and ignore jealous efforts to stunt your creative sparks.


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      Originally posted by DSPaul View Post
      It just so happens I've been working on something related to this.

      Ai Apaec

      From the 2nd to 8th centuries CE, the northern coast of Peru was dominated by the civilization now known as the"]Moche.[/URL] Modern archaeologists know the Moche for their elaborate (and often erotic) ceramic art, their sophisticated metalwork… and their practice of human sacrifice. Temple murals depict priests slaughtering bound captives, catching their blood in ceremonial goblets, and offering it to fanged gods. These scenes of sacrifice are often associated with one of the main Moche gods: a fanged, bearded figure known as “the Decapitator” or “Ai Apaec.”

      All of the above is openly known to mortal historians. The Kindred of South America, however, know the truth: the Moche were ruled by a line of vampire kings who claimed descent from the god Ai Apaec. That lineage still exists, despite the fall of the Moche civilization and the later Spanish conquest of Peru. In hidden places, the Decapitators still preside over orgiastic rites and feasts of blood.

      By the standards of European Kindred, the Ai Apaec are a bloodline of the Daeva clan. Traditionally, however, the Decapitators have considered themselves a breed apart from either the colonial Kindred or the other vampires of the Americas. Most Ai Apaec prefer to embrace mortals of Native American descent, and will never initiate “foreign” Daeva into the bloodline. In ancient times, childer who failed to manifest the bloodline’s unique traits were hunted down and destroyed. In modern nights, these “bastard” childer usually face exile instead.

      Ai Apaec have a reputation as arrogant and standoffish. They consider themselves the rightful rulers of Peru’s nights, and only grudgingly tolerate the rule of other clans and bloodlines. Their herds and retainers are traditionally organized into cults, each worshipping their master as a god; as a result, modern Ai Apec find natural allies in the Circle of the Crone, although some Decapitators whose cults are heavily syncretic with Christianity find a place in the Lancea Sanctum.

      Nickname: Decapitators

      Banes: Ai Apaec suffer from the Daeva clan bane. (Ancient Decapitators often preferred to kill their vessels rather than risk emotional attachment; in modern nights, however, this is often impractical.) In addition, the Ai Apaec have a thirst for blood that outstrips other vampires: their dice pools to resist frenzy from hunger are limited by their Humanity (as the Gangrel clan bane.) This penalty does not apply when resisting frenzy from causes other than hunger, nor when attempting to ride the wave.

      Disciplines: Celerity, Majesty, Protean, Vigor

      PS: Everything in the first paragraph is absolutely true. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up!
      Thanks, man, for sharing that great material.

      I have rarely read a material that gives me so many exciting ideas and narrative hooks, especially regarding bloodlines (IMO, always a troubled theme to hit - in mood, mechanics and relevance).
      I gave a like, but I would give more of them, if I could.
      Just great man!


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        Edit: Cleared up things with LostLight about the Lost Clan that was presented at Half Damned's identity. He meant the Ceceya, whom he discusses here.

        Well, i guess that leaves any connections between Shadows of Mexico and Wicked Dead's versions of the Cihuateteo up for grabs.

        A simple one that has crossed my mind is them as different stages of the same beings: the Wicked Dead Cihuateteo spontaneously rising as full kindred upon death (or ritual sacrifice/suicide). Maybe with broken souls a la Hollow Mekhet, for an indirect telltale of their ties with Tezcatlipoca, Jaguar & Mirror and the world of ephemeral beings. Hmmm, Gangrel & Daeva, the Jaguar & the Whore, soul and reflection taking turns/competing periodically for control of the same corpse. That could be a fun twist of sorts on "vanilla" Hollow.

        As an aside, the references to the Jaguar & the Whore, gods of death and transformation, filth and redemption, Tezcatlipoca & Tlazoteotl, makes also me think of Red Jack & Blood Mary - and from there on the Children of Thorns from Danse Macabre, making the witches into a version of them, among other things.
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          Not too long ago I made this for a possible Great Lakes setting(fair warning, still trying to work out the Bloodline Gift):
          • Baykok: A young warrior is traveling far from the safety of her home. As the moon began to rise the cold air clings to her flesh. She finds a small blighted clearing. She sees the clothing and weapons of other members of her hunting party. From the corner of her eye, she sees him staring at her eyes glowing a bright red. Club in hand. Before she realizes the dead thing approaches...
          • Parent Clan: Alukah
          • Bloodline Disciplines: Nightmare, Resilience, Tenebrose, Vigor
          • Nicknames: The Perverts, The Cruel
          • Banes:
            • The Phantasmal Curse: Perception is a tricky thing when you glimpse worlds before you. What’s all too real one moment slips away between desperately grasping fingers the next. The colorful mirage you feel to be false surrounding you is revealed to be a solid obstacle obstructing your way. What’s real, what’s not and after time does it matter when it could be both? All perception rolls involving non-supernatural elements are capped at Humanity dots. A Dramatic Failure on any Perception rolls, mundane or supernatural, triggers the Delusional Condition which lasts the night.
            • The Degenerate Curse: The Baykok are the product of the most depraved acts committed by the strong. Whatever caused their fell sire to bring them into the bloodline in part courses in their veins. They are addicted to their first sin. Upon being embraced they receive the Obsession Condition towards an extreme taboo(incest, necrophilia, cannibalism, etc).
          • Appearance: The Baykok are rather tall and gaunt, appearing like a skeleton wrapped in nearly translucent flesh and have glowing red eyes while hunting or black while not.
          • History and Culture: The ancient tales of the Ojibway nation warn of a cruel creature born of avarice and perversion. The first Baykok came to be when a hunter engaged in blasphemous acts that offended the very land of Turtle Island and brought a great evil into him. Upon letting in the powers he became the first Baykok. Since those nights much has changed. The line has always been a tight-knit group almost like a family unit. They’ve always fancied themselves boogeymen with a twisted sense of honor in only feeding on prey that can defend itself. They draw membership predominantly from the Ojibwa and Algonquin peoples. The Columbian Exchange and colonialism led to a severe blow not only to their food supply and recruitment population but also the way their internal structure worked. Since the encroachment of Europeans, they went from being lone stalkers to small groups structured around an elder with some ancilla and a few neonates. The reorganizing mixed with natural ability led to the small bloodline not only surviving but also consistently defeating European Kindred in engagements that left the others they shared the night with wiped out. When news of the Circle of the Crone reached them from sympathizers, they took up arms and led attacks that saw the final deaths of more than a few Lancea et Sanctum missionaries. In these nights the hamlets of the First Nations still count a number of Baykok in their midst, a fair amount of cities near the Great Lakes host a small group of the bloodline.
          • Reputation:
            • Carthians: The more secular-minded of the members of the Perverse feel rather at home with the Carthians. The dedication to overthrowing the current establishment is extremely attractive and many Baykok would love nothing more than to see Turtle Island returned to its original state.
            • Circle of the Crone: The majority of the bloodline’s members with a religious leaning are members. Due to the history, they have with the Crone being a reliable ally, they very commonly are at least nominally members.
            • Invictus: The relationship between The Perverse and the First Estate has been rather odd. While most members hate them with a passion, a small few have taken to infiltrating them to destroy them from within.
            • Lancea et Sanctum: The bloodline abhors the Church Eternal, and for good reason. Bad blood stretching back to the earliest Christian converts and settlements have led to them having irreconcilable differences that usually end in bloodshed.
            • Ordo Dracul: Your average Baykok takes pleasure in who and what they are. The few who wish to transcend usually are those repentant for their sick pleasure, looking for a way to cleanse themselves.
          • Bloodline Gift:
            • Winanimiziwin: Translated from Ojibwe meaning ”terror”, the bloodline excels at striking fear even in the most hearty of adversaries. They embody the coldness of the grave that awaits those cruel who took perverse pleasures, not to be part of the natural cycle of life and death. All members of this line possess the ability for these unique devotions.
              • Nikinekgowin: Fear is a tool that helps keep the natural order. Instilling horror and fear into one’s enemies is key to being able to keep strong when always outnumbered. You terror is beyond that of most others. You can reach from Twilight and inflict horrors upon your foes that appear to be uncannily real. You can twist the waking nightmares of your adversaries into actual rebukes from beyond.
                • Cost: Vitae 1
                • Rolls: -
                • Prerequisite: Nightmare 2, Tenebrose 3, Vigor 1
              • Matchitehew: The greatest fear is that of the unseen. Since time immemorial man has feared the dark. You embody the terror of your victims. From Twilight you can control spirits that make the fears of your enemies all the too real, shaping them into actual nightmares.
                • Cost: Vitae 2
                • Rolls: -
                  Prerequisite: Tenebrose 5, Nightmare 4
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