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Reputation in Kindred circles

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  • Reputation in Kindred circles

    In preparation for a new Requiem game I have decided to try to watch some different than the usual inspirational media. As such one of the things I checked out was the new Netflix series of Dynasty, since I figured that anything involving rich, beautiful people being awful to one another might have some ideas to take from.

    Ignoring my dubious taste in melodrama, one of the things that is important in the show is reputation, both promoting and damaging it (leaked sex tapes, covering up scandal etc.). This made me think about reputation in Kindred society. What sort of reputations are important to maintain for Kindred? Authority figures need a reputation of strength or competence, perhaps trustworthiness? What elements of a reputation would matter less to Kindred? Would many Deava worry about a sex scandal?

    What are the similarities and differences in regards to reputation in mortal and kindred circles?

    How can protecting and damaging a reputation become interesting game options?

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    They’re the same as humans really. They’re going to care less or more about reputations and what elements form them based on individual preferences.
    Reputations may or may not impact status. If status requires XP expenditure, reputation may be an ST managed barrier to overcome or improve to justify status increases in everything except the Ordo Dracul. If status is not an XP expenditure in game reputation may be more instrumental in gaining or losing status.


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      I think like tsusasi says it's the same as humans. Even sex can have an impact, as it implies political or at least some physical connections between at least two vampires.

      One place where it's obviously different is age, or more specifically Blood Potency. Once you become a vampire who needs to feast on others, you become simultaneously dangerous and vulnerable. On one hand you can be blood bonded, and some lesser vampires may think that you're now going to be enslaved to whoever you feed from. You might avoid those fears by drinking deep and draining enemies completely.

      There's a lot more dangerous reputations in terms of threatening abilities and connections than you'll see in real life, usually.


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        As a social game I kind of always assumed that reputation was a primary factor in Vampire games.