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Hombrew Discipline: Bereschligost (A Work in Progress)

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    Overall, I really like it.

    I might suggest switching 1 and 2. The Bloody Dots description for first dots is that it is a summary of the full discipline group. "Being able to live off of very little" seems to sum Bereschligost up to me. Also, it already resembles most other first dot disciplines in that it's free.

    I also feel like a lot of this discipline might work well as a series of merits, similar to Obtenebration. Just a thought. "your blood stays potent for outside of your body for a long time", "you drain bodies completely", both feel kind of merit-y to me. Then "ruin other people's meals" (btw, I really like Frozen Soil) feels like it's building off of something like Animalism 5 or the fifth Coil from the Mystery of Quintessence, or even some blood sorcery. And "Many Mouths" does feel like a Coil.

    There is a line in Thousand Years of Night that stuck with me, which might be cool:
    "Their body sits motionless on a basalt throne in a steel tower that dominates the downtown center. Their mind, however, is constantly moving from one brick to the next. A woman slips and falls, scraping her hand on the pavement, and the stone quietly absorbs the blood. Two men in suits fight about money, and one ends up dead in a landfill. The rubble quietly swallows the body, drains it of blood and spits the flesh back up."
    Finally, I'm not sure that Many Mouths has the God-tier ability that I would want for a fifth dot.


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      Apart from that, my only nitpick is that "Bereschligost" as a name has always felt a bit weird—the closest Russian word I know is бережливость, berezhlivost', which means something similar to English "chary" except as a noun instead of an adjective. (Though it might be some other Slavic language instead of Russian, I'm not great at Slavic stuff.)
      By the way, Mikhaili also sounds weird as a name of the Siberian clan. The name is of judeo-christian origin, and Russia began conquering Siberia in 16th century, Siberia wasn't christian before that. So the name sounds just like if there was a native american clan named "Michaels" (yes, Michaels, plural). Maybe it would be better to name this clan as Tugyngak (a name of human-eating sentinent monster in the legends of people living in northen Syberia)?