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Ways for BP 6+to feed?

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    I have to agree.

    Whats it like for an acolyte to suddenly , briefly be able to feed on mortals again because of the Ecstatic condition?


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      Find some way to regularly gain a load of willpower:
      Originally posted by V:tR 2nd Ed page 89; Section Blood Potency
      At six dots of Blood Potency, she can only gain nourishment from the blood of the unnatural. Usually, this means other vampires (some Kindred can feed from other creatures, with the Unnatural Affinity Merit, see p. 114). If a vampire feeds from something beneath her Blood Potency restriction, she must spend a point of Willpower for every Vitae she wishes to consume.


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        Thats probaly more a hint of potential Coils, waiting to be created, then anything else.


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          Originally posted by Prince of the Night View Post
          I have to agree.

          Whats it like for an acolyte to suddenly , briefly be able to feed on mortals again because of the Ecstatic condition?
          I would imagine it feels... ecstatic!
          There you are, dancing and chanting, it's difficult to keep your footing with all of the bodies bumping each other as they gyrate to the beat. As the music and chanting build to a crescendo, you feel a wave of overwhelming joy and excitement wash over you! It is invigorating and uplifting, it is Her blessing, and you swear you just felt your heart throb in your chest!
          After a couple short moments, the high begins to fade and now you are hungry. You grab another body, one of the sweaty ones, and give her the Kiss. The richness of her blood far exceeds the dull wooden flavor you were expecting, and so you maintain the embrace just a little longer, and drink a little deeper.


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            If you have a Domain, that becomes your vassals' problem.


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              Originally posted by Yossarian View Post
              Aside from just choosing one of the other supernatural character types, Unnatural Affinity: Ghouls is one way you could do it. It's gaming the system a bit, and not every ST would allow it, but I think it could be done in an interesting way, considering that you have to top up your food source once in a while. (It's also mildly against the rules as written, because it's supposed to be "stranger creatures in the World of Darkness".)
              As I run only vampires NPCs in setting - I'm totally fine with this idea. It would make vampire Elder VERY dedicated to his half-human Ghoul lover - almost like Prince Luna in Kindred the Embrace TV series. PERFECT for Elder Deava, I must add.

              And now make your Ghoul lover also your Touchstone - and you are wrangling your own noose on yourself - as you can have 'accident' and drink it till death, one time...

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