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Vampire The Chosen What Ever happened to the other bloodlines

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  • Vampire The Chosen What Ever happened to the other bloodlines

    Apparently The ones that weren't Finalists had PDFs produced is it possible to find them.

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    I think that actually fell on the wayside long ago and far away, not to mention three companies back. I don't think any of the runners up ended up with pdf releases, but maybe I've missed them over the years.
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      The entrants had to sign away ownership of the entries and allow them to use, and/or make changes to them and incorporated a stipulation that they can use them in subsequent publications with no requirement to cite the original creator. The fangless Mekhet bloodline is an example of an entry being used later.
      As Yossarian pointed out with multiple ownership changes, it's not public knowledge as to who owns those bloodline entries. They are probably collecting dust bunnies in some forgotten desk or wasting space on a hard drive.