Sometime back I was on a particular MUSH by the name of, "Requiem for Kingsmouth". It was purely vampire 2e focus, as not even werewolf 2e was out yet at the time. I had a great time there, even though there were some out-of-character conflicts. One of my greater regrets, is that I was unable to maintain contact with the head administrator there who went by the username, "Shavalyoth". She was an incredible person, who was somehow able to keep the game running in an administrative capacity on her own. I've tried that on a different, smaller MUSH and it didn't work at all for me. I'd like to find her if at all possible, and see if I can invite her to some other games.

Likewise, there has been a moderate amount of conversions and content lost due to Kingsmouth's closure. Amongst other things, I would like to find the writeups for second edition Belial's Brood and some other factions too. If anyone has those, could you message me? Thanks.