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    can someone provide me more info about the possible origins of Clan Ventrue? I know at the beginning there were just the Julii, destroyed by the striges, and there are legends that want the Ventrue birth be related with Striges in someway.
    Can you provide me some further detail?

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    ventru origins is murky. They do seem to have some connection to the Julii, but whether they are an off-shoot clan or not is a point of contention both in-universe and out.

    For the most detail on Ventrue myth, look no further then the clanbook. Where the clan believes themselves to be survivors of the ruined city of a Troy and actually predate the First Embrace of the Jullii, where after a dyspora they interpreted themselves into the Germanic European kingdoms north from Rome and it went off from there. How much you willing believe that as true depends on the game your running but that’s the official stance that the Ventrue have about there own origins.



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      In addition to what Iceblade44 cites, my preference is to trace the Ventrue back further, to Phoenicia, which spread them throughout the world (literally, the trade networks touched everywhere including the Americas from some evidence!).

      Notably, a major trading port survived the Collapse of the Bronze Age (~1200 BC), and you might know it: Carthage. The future rivalry between Rome (Julii) and Carthage (Ventrue?) is well-known and drawn on for other iterations of Vampire. Troy is regarded as a Luwian city-state, and there is a theory that the "sea peoples" who precipitated the Collapse were Luwians attacking the Hittite Empire. Troy is linked to Rome through the Aeneid, where the supposed founder stops at Carthage.

      [Edit: to finish the thought.] The point here is that you could trace the Julii back further if you wanted, and make a progenitor a Trojan expatriate or even a Strix who presided over the destruction of Troy--or of the coven of Strix that exulted in the wreckage of civilization in the Collapse. (Personally? I'm going to call the Collapse a major incident of Contagion... but the Strix can share!)

      Other notable points for the spread of Ventrue (using the Phoenician idea) is into Spain through trading colonies, to Britain (again through trading posts in the south), and up the Danube into Central Europe and up the Don into Eastern Europe's steppes. From there, as the later Scandinavian raids show, you can get pretty easily into the North. So... Ventrue everywhere! As kings and chiefs of tribes and whatnot.

      You could look at the Julii as a Ventrue bloodline--or the reverse, but keep in mind that parallel and similar clan evolution is also a viable theory. If you take this stance the Julii simply didn't make the cut; because the Strix had it in for them, in part, but also because they didn't geographically disperse the way the Ventrue did.

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        Obviously Venture are just Gangrel with delusions of grandeur. :P


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          Originally posted by Tabanese View Post
          Obviously Venture are just Gangrel with delusions of grandeur. :P
          Well... You're not wrong. Only they're the "predators that rule" versus the "predators that stalk".



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            Kindred have spawned and respawned in a number of ways - what defines a clan, a discipline set, that plus weakness, taste of vitae & blood sympathy or something else altogether.

            Nitocris in the Mekhet clanbook speaks of her "clan" starting as mummies risen from death ddue to improper burials and then "evolving" into what they are through interaction with the kindred and each other - how much of that is fiction on her part, how much oral tradition received from her precursors? and what of the Grettir clan that supposedly spawned the Norvegi, is that simply an obscure regional brand of Mekhet or something separate that now hides within, a mask amidst the shadows?

            Are the Ventrue a Julii brood that escaped destruction through cosmetic changes of their blood, a line of roman Gangrel that reshaped themselves into mirroring and replacing their fallen patrons, something related but somehow older (like the "Annunnaki Ventrue" mentioned in passing in the Invictus book), none of those or all of the above?

            Who knows, in your game you can play it a number of ways. Personally, i like the idea that one "clan" may actually be several groups of similar kindred of different origins - of which individuals might or not be aware to varying degrees.

            But then i have played as a "Gangrel" that was never embraced but someone turned into a vampire after his execution through a lover's pact with a Strix-like being and had a "weirdness" to him from this origin (portrayed through a bunch of supernatural merits) and he kind of pass along to varying degrees to his childer, so i might be a little partial to that, to say the least.
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