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Strix and Kindred Disciplines

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  • Strix and Kindred Disciplines

    Regarding the Dread power that some Strix have to carry over Kindred Disciplines into other hosts.

    1/ Does the Strix carry over the disciplines to any new host it occupies including corpses, revnants, kindred, and humans? I would imagine that he can use both the passive and active forms of physical disciplines in a revenant and kindred because he will have vitae to power them, but would probably need to capture a vampire or ghoul in human and corpse form if he wanted to steal their vitae to power his disciplines. Can a Strix in a human or corpose host still use any disciplines that do not require vitae to power?

    2/ lets say that the Strix occupies a host that is a Kindred that already has those disciplines? Do we just use the higher of the two? I would imagine that they would not "stack on" (for example, a strix adds his physical disciplines to any pre existing disciplines that the kindred host already had)

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    Well, a strix carry his vitae pool in every new host, even human, so it always has the power to fuel discipline

    I also think that discipline dots don t stack but i am not sure about it
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