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Modeling the Strigoi from the Strain

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  • Modeling the Strigoi from the Strain

    Clan Ozryel - The Strigoi
    The Ones Who Infect You


    The hyper infectious strain of blood drinkers commonly known the Strigoi originates in prehistory with Seven Ancients - vampire methuselahs whose blood potency only increases with age and torpor, and who remain in constant mental contact with their progeny. These vampires are not Kindred with the five more well known clans and have several noteworthy differences.
    • The strigoi are not corpses, but living bodies who have been radically structurally transformed by contact with blood worms (usually by a feeding or from worms that flee a dead strigoi.) The transformation takes few days and irreversibly turns the human into a mindless blood drinker under mental control of the Ancient. These early stage larva evolve over a period of weeks and gain greater intelligence and physical ability.
    • Each strigoi feeds by means of shooting a 6 ft fleshy stinger from their unhinging jaws into the carotid or femoral artery of a victim.
    • Because the strigoi body is restructured with redundant blood chambers and filled with regenerative blood worms, the strigoi take bashing damage from all ordinarily lethal sources. Since the blood worms are extinguished by contact with silver or ultraviolet rays, only silver and sunlight (or artificial UV sources) causes strigoi aggravated damage.
    • Strigoi not only lack Humanity, but actively attempt to consume what would ordinarily become touchstones. If they do not consume their “Dear Ones”, they always feel incomplete and cannot evolve or raise Blood Potency. If they do not have Dear Ones in the first place, they can evolve by being personally elevated by the Ancient strigoi.
    • The white blood of Strigoi can create Ghouls, but provides no nourishment to any vampires. As blood potency rises to 3 and 6 respectively, instead of gaining a feeding restriction, the strigoi gains half as much sustenance from animals and humans.
    • The strigoi descended from each Ancient is part of a hive mind - transmitted by an unknown band of microwave frequencies. Each Ancient can use this band to see through the eyes of a strigoi and can assume full control over the strigoi in question.

    Vampire: the Requiem
    Modeling the Strigoi using Vampire the Requiem clan is possible, but since the vampires lack Humanity, it can be hard to make them playable. One way to accomplish this is allow strigoi personally uplifted by an Ancient other than The Master to have the Humanity trait. Another way to accomplish this would be to only allow the Born (dhampirs) to be playable.

    All Strigoi

    Dicepool: Dex+Wits+Blood Potency - Defense.
    Strigoi with BP 1+ can substitute Athletics in place of either Dex or Wits.
    Once the Stinger is attached, the Strigoi can exsanguinate the victim based on the vitae per-turn limits of Blood Potency.

    The Strigoi can only learn physical disciplines.

    Strigoi take aggravated damage from Sunlight and Silver. They also gain a monstrous appearance that makes them immediately identifiable.
    If a hunter dodges the stinger attack, they can grapple the stinger and pull it out if they win the contested grapple check. This kills the strigoi instantly.

    Build each ancient with max levels of Celerity, Vigor, and Resilience as well as any Devotions created with the above three physical disciplines. Don’t worry about using any of the other disciplines since their mental abilities are largely narrative. They can assume direct control of any larva in their lineage and read the thoughts of anyone they have ghouled with their blood which they call “the White. ”
    Like their progeny, they take aggravated damage from silver and UV sources, but their Resilience gives them enough extra health levels that they can escape into the dark. Ancients whose health tracks are filled with Aggravated damage often expel their entire body’s blood worms into the mouths of a chosen human or progeny in order to transfer their consciousness into the chosen target.
    Ancients are nearly impossible to kill, always escaping or leaping from host to host to escape. Finding out how to kill an Ancient involves occult research into documents such as the Occido Lumen, which always calls down the wrath of said Ancients.

    Larvae start at blood potency 0 and increase in blood potency every seven days until they hit BP 3, after which point, their BP increases every year until they hit BP 6, when it increases every 50 years. All mental dice pools are capped by Blood Potency. Consuming their first Dear One immediately raises their blood potency. As their Blood Potency rises, they gain a free dot that they can add to Celerity, Vigor, or Resilience.

    The Uplifted
    The Uplifted are larva that have been chosen by their Ancient to be special servants. They have the Humanity trait, but often wear it away very quickly. Over time, their appearance rots, the same as all Strigoi, but they can use makeup and prosthetics to fake a human form. Once uplifted, they gain 3 dots of discipline (Celerity, Vigor, or Resilience) and can buy more with experience.

    The Born
    If a vampire infects a pregnant person, the fetus gains the benefit of the White during gestation, but the umbilical cord prevents the capillary worms from the infected parent from fully transforming the fetus into a strigoi. The result is the Born: strigoi-like beings who only take bashing damage from sunlight and cannot infect others with the strain when feeding. The Born have the Humanity trait and start with Blood Potency 1 and only increase it every 50 years (or with experience.) Their mental traits are not capped by Blood potency. Their in-clan disciplines are Celerity, Vigor, and Resilience. They are not part of their Ancient’s hive mind.
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