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  • Help make my city Weird

    I'm putting the final touches on a VTR game that I am STing and could use some advice/ideas.

    In the short story "Lullay, Lullay" (and I think a sidebar in the core book) we get the concept of The Weird and The Woods. I love the idea and am stealing it, but I need help coming up with ideas. For anyone unfamiliar, The Woods are places that have that terrifying abandoned feel (a rusted over, boarded up gas station lit by one yellow streetlamp on an empty street at 3 in the morning), and the Weird is the terrifying shit that lurks out there.

    As the game proceeds the Woods will creep from the outskirts and into the rest of the city. I would like to create a feeling of paranoia and uncertainty and constant predation. That the rules that govern kindred society are at base human, and those rules cannot be counted on. You do not belong here.

    I am thinking that The Weird can range from subtle to violent. So here are the ideas I have come up with so far. Please add your own creepy ideas.
    1. Protean 1 (Unmarked Grave) doesn't want to let you out of the ground. Hands of earth and stone pulling you back down, and you need to make a grapple role to get free.
    2. A mold that consumes undead flesh (stolen from idk where, I think I heard it was in a WOD book?)
    3. Malicious Garbage fires that will chase you (stolen from Bright and Terrible)
    4. A street, where if you drive down it, you forget [where home is, or the last person that you angered/were angry at, or the last promise you made]
    5. Hungry alleyways that hunt like anglerfish using easy human prey as bait. Maybe they reproduce using vitae spilled on "still sleeping" pavement.
    6. A room in which the dawn comes sooner than it should.
    7. Doppelgangers who will incapacitate you and try to replace you.
    8. Hungry swarms of mirror/metal shards (I think this was a spirit in WtF?)
    9. A river that will return lost things to you, but only in return for sacrifices. (Folk story)
    10. A woman who kisses you and steals your memories. (Folk story)
    11. A factory that once you enter, if anyone enters after you while you are in it, you time jump. Think "OMG Jim is that you? Nobody's seen you in months!" (Stolen from Alice isn't Dead)
    12. A doll that will give you advice if you feed it. Probably feed it meat or blood. ("Adapted" from russian folk tale).
    13. A crack that opens into a cave that leads to the underworld. The shades can only speak if they are offered blood. (Greeks)
    14. A shadowed corner that leads to the place where the Strix come from. They will tell you secrets in exchange for blood.
    15. A song playing on a radio -- if you hear it it will cause you to self-harm. ("Adapted" from Daeva CB)
    16. A baby with a manta-ray mouth. At first it looks like it is suckling from its mother, but you see that it is eating her. (My sister has a terrifying mind).
    17. A Briar patch of stunted trees and shrubs -- dolls heads hanging from branches. Add a doll head, sing. Enter. Walk thirty feet, keep gonig. Should be out. You’re in the hedge. The thorns tear at you, at your mind, at your memories. (Stolen from SotC)
    18. The Other Mother's final form (Coraline movie)