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[2e Homebrew] Coteries Rituals Updated

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  • [2e Homebrew] Coteries Rituals Updated

    Hi All, I don't know if this has been done before but I'm working my way through the 1e books updating Rites, Rituals and other mechanics to 2e. I've started easy with the Coteries book as it only has a few rituals in it. I am using S&B as a guide. I don't know if anyone wants to use these or if this has been done before but I wanted to share. Feedback is appreciated

    Theban Sorcery

    Paladin’s Absolution (•, Protection •)
    Target number of successes: 6
    Sacrament: An icon or image of the persons affected by the vampire’s actions
    This rite relieves the subject of guilt for some action he is soon to perform. The Ritualist names a breaking point, until sunrise the Ritualist gains the rituals potency on the first roll to resist detachment cause by that breaking point. The breaking point must be specific, “The murder of Elizabeth Parson,” is specific enough, but “murder” is not.

    Crúac Rituals

    Blood Witness (••, Divination ••)
    Target number of successes: 6
    The Ritualist can witness events at the location she has spilled blood during the ritual as though she were present and standing in that spot until the next sunset. The blood may be dribbled on a floor, painted onto a wall or otherwise applied as the Ritualist sees fit. However, the blood is mundane and if removed the ritual ends early. A ritualist can only maintain a link to one site at a time and is unable to use any supernatural abilities when witnessing events. If used to witness events during the day the Ritualist is still prone to frenzy, which ends the arcane connection immediately.

    Barrier of Blood (••, Protection ••)
    Target number of successes: 5
    This defensive ritual is used to mark an Acolyte’s territory and prevent entry by unwanted Kindred. To The ritualist lines of his Vitae across doorways, underneath windows or anywhere else she wishes to ward. Each additional area warded increases the target number of successes by one. Until next sunset, the wards cannot voluntarily be crossed without making a Resolve + Composure – Potency roll. Regardless, anyone crossing the barrier suffers bashing damage equal to the Rituals Potency. The performer of this ritual must touch any person permitted to pass the barrier with blood before the barrier has been completely drawn.

    Flower of Demeter (•••, Creation ••, Transmutation •••)
    Target number of successes: 9
    The Ritualist grows a unique species of red lily said to have been brought back from Hades by Persephone. The flower grows only in mortal blood and is traditionally grown from a human corpse. To raise a Flower of Demeter, the Ritualist must make a successful invocation roll once per week until the successes necessary to satisfy the roll have been accumulated (The extended action happens over the course of weeks, the ritualist can do other actions between rolls unlike a traditional ritual). Once the successes have been garnered, the flower blooms. One bud on the stalk blooms per dot of the character’s Blood Potency, less one per week it took to cultivate the stalk, with a minimum of one.
    The plant itself is inspiring to Kindred, all Craft and Expression rolls made in the presence of the flower gain two extra dice. A Vampire who swallows a Flower of Demeter experiences the blush of life until the next sunrise, with no expenditure of her own Vitae. The Plant is destroyed in seconds by fire or sunlight. Blossoms clipped from the plant lose all mystical properties at the next sunrise, when they flake away in sheets of ash like burnt paper.

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    So far its Demon Merits, Vampire 1e to 2e ports and a Knowledge collection mechanic for the Ordo Dracul!

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    Okay so its not Coteries but I went ahead and updates the Rituals from Nomads. I moved some of the Dot ratings around to fit the B&S rules as best I could.

    Crúac Rituals

    Balancing the Four Humors (•, Protection •)
    Target number of successes: 4
    Under the ritual’s effects, the Kindred ignores non-damaging effects of Environmental Tilts until the next sunrise. This does not protect the Kindred from Banes such as sunlight.

    The Heliolater’s Warning (••, Divination ••)
    Target number of successes: 5
    The Acolyte adds the Rituals potency to any roll made to wake during the day or to determine how long the vampire can remain active upon a waking caused by sunlight. The effects of the ritual last until the next sunset, even if the caster is forced to wake several times during the day.

    Song of the Blood (••, Transmutation ••, Divination ••)
    Target number of successes: 7
    The Kindred life is one wrought with danger, and some wish to know that they can be avenged. The bonds between Sire, Grandsire and Childe may be week but the creative acolyte can strengthen this before tragedy afflicts them. Once the ritual is performed, the vampire’s “relatives” (Anyone with a Blood Sympathy) can sense her either enter torpor or her final death as if they were once removed, regardless of their current sympathy level. The effects of this ritual last until the next sunrise.

    Bleeding the Tarantula (••••, Creation ••••, Destruction ••)
    Target number of successes: 13
    This bizarre ritual creates a guardian that watches over a vampire as he sleeps — an undead, spidery homunculus with fangs dripping bloody venom. The ritual creates a large, crimson spider resembling a tarantula that guards her as she rests for the day.

    The creature has the following traits and abilities.
    Attributes: Power 1, Finesse 4, Resistance 1
    Willpower: 5
    Initiative: 5
    Defense: 4
    Speed: 7 (species factor 3)
    Size: 1
    1 (L) and poison
    Dice Pool
    Finesse + Power
    Health: 2
    Poison: The blood-spider’s fangs against mortals it inflicts the Poisoned Tilt with a severity of Grave. Attacks against Kindred instead taint one Vitae in the victim, making that Vitae useless.
    Supernatural Loyalty: The Ritual Potency is added to the spider’s Resistance against Disciplines or magical powers that might drive it off or take control of it. The blood-spider is absolutely loyal to its master and enjoys a form of blood sympathy with her. If the blood-spider is injured or destroyed, the Acolyte senses it automatically. During the Day this causes the vampire the chance to wake, but a Humanity roll is still required.

    Curse of Ahasverus (•••••, Transmutation •••••, Divination •••)
    Target number of successes: 13
    Contested by: Composure + Blood Potency
    To control the beast is to lie, the most powerful of acolytes know this. The victim, who is a Kindred within a mile of the ritual, is forced to lash out at every Kindred they encounter, Friend or Foe for the remainder of the night. In cases where another kindred attempt to use powers such as obfuscate, a clash of wills takes place automatically between the acolytes blood potency, and the obscured.

    Theban Sorcery

    Messenger’s Mark (•, Transmutation •)
    Target number of successes: 6
    Sacrament: A shaft made of rowan wood carved to the shape of a Lance
    This is the initiation ritual that permanently brands one of the Sanctified as a Legate, creating an arrow- or spear-shaped mark on the targets chest. The target must be willing, or the ritual immediately fails. Once the ritual is completed the legate can reflexively cause the image of a lance to rise out of their chest or conceal it once more for the rest of their days.

    Scrivener’s Eye (••, Divination ••)
    Target number of successes: 6
    Sacrament: A scrap of age-yellowed paper
    The ritualist either targets themselves or another during the casting of the ritual. The Target is told or read a message, secret or piece of knowledge. This memory has perfect recall for a number of months equal to the Ritualists Intelligence, after this time the memory is permanently and irrevocably lost, even an eidetic memory cannot remember it.

    Wings of the Seraph (•••, Transmutation •••)
    Target number of successes: 6
    Sacrament: Two feathers of a raven
    The ritualist imbues himself with great speed ready to be called upon. The imbued can activate this power reflexively at any point the rest of the evening. When activated the ritualists speed is increased by the rituals potency for a number of turns equal to the Ritualists Blood Potency. Wings of the Seraph cannot be used in conjunction with Celerity, if celerity is activated the power disperses.

    Sacred Haven (••••, Protection ••••)
    Target number of successes: 10
    Sacrament: A pinch of Crush Obsidian
    This ritual raises a protective ward around a single room or chamber that’s no larger than 30 feet on a side, unnaturally moving and repairing objects to prevent sunlight from entering the area for a single day. This ritual expires at an hour after sunset. The ritual affects only a room or chamber that is already largely closed on all sides.

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    So far its Demon Merits, Vampire 1e to 2e ports and a Knowledge collection mechanic for the Ordo Dracul!


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      And the Nomads Devotions updated. Less sure on some of these. I have removed most of the flavour text to make these easier to refer back to so people should dig out a copy of Nomads to see whats the context these powers where used in. Not sure what book I will do next, Possibly start converting things from the Covenants books. Maybe start with Carhtians as I have an idea of a more generic, game line agnostic version of the interest groups Merits.

      Bobcat Climbing (Protean •, Vigor •)
      Inhuman reflexes and surpassing strength are already a winning combination in a fight, but some Kindred find the combination useful outside of conflict.
      Cost: 1 Vitae
      Dice Pool: This power involves no roll to invoke
      Action: Reflexive
      While Bobcat Climbing, a Kindred can climb with great speed. Using this power grants the kindred 8-again on climbing tests. Bonuses for climbing carefully or climbing gear cannot be gained with this power. The power must be activated with each new climb.
      Predatory aspects can be used in tandem with this power, Claws grant a +2 to her climbing pool while wall climbing would double speed for example.
      This power costs one experience to learn.

      Flesh of Iron (Protean •••, Resilience •)
      This Devotion allows a measure of protection against physical threats, whether the impact of a car on a lonely highway or a machete in the hands of a vampire protecting his domain. For a few moments, the character’s skin takes on the consistency of sharkskin or granite, his flesh like iron. Blades and impacts bounce off; even bullets and swords are blunted.
      Cost: 1 Vitae
      Dice Pool: This power involves no roll to invoke
      Action: Instant
      When this Devotion is used, the vampire gains ballistic and general armour up to his dots in resilience. Armor rating acquired from this Devotion is not combined with that from any protective gear worn; the highest armour rating of the two takes precedence. The effect of this power lasts for a number of turns equal to the character’s dots in Protean. As a side effect of this protection, the character’s Initiative and Speed traits are both reduced by the amount of amour invoked, to a minimum of zero.
      This power costs 2 experiences to learn.

      Love Like Blood (Dominate ••, Resilience ••)
      The Kindred’s injuries hold a strange, primal beauty for other Kindred. When he is wounded, the blood flowing from his injuries manifests a strange “resonance,” partially psychic and partially physical, that draws the attention of other Kindred.
      Cost: 1 Vitae
      Dice Pool: This power involves no roll to invoke
      Action: Reflexive
      If the character suffers a wound penalty, the player may spend a Vitae and that penalty is not applied to any attempts to use the Dominate Discipline for the rest of the scene. Instead, the player gains a bonus equal to the normal penalty. Only vampires are affected by Love Like Blood. Mortals, ghouls and other beings are unaffected. Love Like Blood applies to only Dominate actions made upon a vampire in the immediate vicinity who can see or smell the character’s wounds.
      This power costs 2 experiences to learn.

      Mask of the Beast (Obfuscate ••••, Animalism •)
      With this Devotion, a vampire can cause others to believe he is merely a mundane animal. To the onlooker the Kindred is simply the animal they imitate and any attempts to understand he kindred to the contrary fade away.
      Cost: 1 Vitae
      Dice Pool: Manipulation + Animal Ken + Obfuscate
      Action: Instant
      The Kindred must first contact an animal of Size 3-7 and use Feral Whispers to study and understand the creature. The kindred can then activate this Devotion and appear to be the animal of which the kindred spoke to for the remainder of the scene, if the vampire spoke to a Horse they would appear to be a Horse. The effect must begin immediately after interacting with the animal. While the vampire appears to be an animal, there is no physical transformation, so circumstantial evidence such as footsteps or abilities such as flight can be tricky. The mask of the beast does not fool genuine animals and will fade if the vampire takes any actions that can point the disguise out as being impossible, such as speaking or activating another obvious discipline.
      This power costs 2 experiences to learn.

      Poisoned Chalice (Dominate ••••, Majesty ••)
      The vampire can taint the blood of a mortal, and gift that person to another kindred so that when they drink from that tainted vessel he becomes susceptible to the gifters charms. To use Poisoned Chalice, the vampire must have made the subject willing and have them under his control. He must then feed the vessel a few drops of his own Vitae while concentrating on a specific subject — the intended recipient of the gift. When the intended recipient drinks from the vessel, the trap springs.
      Cost: 2 Vitae
      Dice Pool: Intelligence + Expression + Dominate vs. Resolve + Blood Potency
      Action: Contested; resistance is reflexive upon the point of drinking from the tainted vessel
      Roll Results
      Dramatic Failure: For the giver: The subject is unaffected by the power and realizes that the vessel is tainted or cursed in some way.
      For the recipient: Treat as an exceptional success for the giver.
      Failure: The subject is unaffected by the power and does not realize that the vessel’s blood is tainted.
      Success: If the Characters next meet within the users Intelligence nights, the drinker gains the Charmed condition as soon as he sees the gifter.
      Exceptional Success: For the giver: The charmed condition lasts for days instead of hours.
      For the recipient: Treat as a dramatic failure for the giver.
      Suggested Modifiers

      Modifier Situation
      +2 Power is used on a vampire with whom the user has a blood sympathy with.
      The character has met the subject in the past.
      -1 The character has never met the subject, but knows enough about him to paint a fairly accurate mental picture.
      -3 The character has never met the subject and knows little more about him than him name or physical description.
      Once a vessel’s blood is instilled with the power, it remains charged until consumed by the chosen recipient or until the character deliberately wills it to become inert. The character can affect only one vessel with this power at a time. After which the power dissipates, and the subject is no longer affected. A successful use of Aura Perception on a vessel affected by this power reveals a muted aura similar to an individual under the effects of Dominate.
      This Devotion costs 3 experiences to learn.

      Predatory Growl (Animalism •, Dominate ••, or Nightmare ••)
      The Kindred growls, and all nearby animals flee and the wanderer doesn’t have to worry about anyone local using animal pawns to spy on him.
      Cost: 1 Vitae
      Dice Pool: Intelligence + Animal Ken + Dominate versus Resolve
      Action: Contested; resistance is reflexive
      The Kindred growls and, if the roll is successful, instils a healthy respect for distance into the mind of any creature that falls under Animalism’s rubric. All such affected animals flee at top speed along the most direct route until they’re exhausted. Furthermore, they’re unwilling to approach the vampire again for a number of hours equal to the successes rolled. The activation roll only contested by an animal’s Resolve (or the highest Resolve of a group of animals) if that creature is under the influence of the supernatural, such as an animal that has been made into a ghoul. An animal that is possessed by a supernatural creature is not susceptible to the power, however. A creature that is possessed by a supernatural creature, or wholly supernatural such as a shapechanger is not subject to this power. The radius of Predatory Growl is equal to 10 yards per success. Furthermore, its effects seem to “echo” — animals that weren’t around when it was used are leery of the vampire and hesitant to approach him. This secondary effect lasts a number of hours equal to the successes rolled.
      This power costs 1 experience to learn.

      Sanctum of Fear (Nightmare ••, Protean •)
      When using the abilities of Unmarked Grace, the Kindred channels the psychic force of the Nightmare Discipline into the earth that surrounds a vampire. Whenever someone comes near the Kindred’s resting place, the intruder is plagued by a subconscious sense of gnawing dread. Unless the subject can overcome this ominous instinct, he is forced to turn away and avoid the place altogether.
      Cost: 1 Vitae (see below)
      Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy + Nightmare vs Composure + Blood Potency
      Action: Contested; resistance is reflexive
      One extra Vitae is spent when invoking Unmarked Grave and this Devotion takes effect once the vampire has melded with the earth. The Storyteller makes the power’s activation roll and records the successes achieved (if any). Anyone who comes close to the resting place — within two yards for each Willpower dot of the interred vampire — is affected.
      Roll Results
      Dramatic Failure: For user: The subject is not only unaffected by the Devotion but realizes that an external power affects his mind. He gains the Steadfast condition for any attempts to find the Vampire and may roll Wits+Occult to do so.
      For subject: Treat as an exceptional success for the user.
      Failure: An equal number or the most successes are rolled for the subject. He feels a little uneasy but is otherwise unaffected. The subject does not realize that an external force was intended to influence his mind.
      Success: The subject’s subconscious mind is stricken with dread. He gains the Frightened condition with the burial ground as the source of the fear.
      Exceptional Success: For user: same as a normal success, but if he is not able to leave the area he gains the Madness Condition for a number of days equal to the successes rolled on this devotion.
      For subject: Treat as a dramatic failure for the user.
      The effects of the power lapse upon the next sunset, or until the sleeping vampire is unearthed, whichever comes first. The power ceases to function even if the vampire remains sleeping beyond one day.
      This power costs 2 experiences to learn.

      Scent of the Beast (Animalism •••, Auspex •••)
      Vampires who have mastered this Devotion can follow the trail of fellow vampires through any terrain. The character using this Devotion can attempt to track a specific vampire whom she has encountered before, so that she knows the “scent” of her quarry’s Beast. She can track her quarry’s movements only since the last sunset, as the sun’s rays burn away all but the faintest traces of Kindred psychic imprint upon the world.
      Cost: 1 Vitae
      Dice Pool: Wits + Survival + Auspex – (Obfuscate)
      Action: Extended
      Roll Results
      Dramatic Failure: Your character picks up another trail, mistaking it for that of the quarry.
      Failure: In an extended effort, no successes are gathered at the current stage of the trail. Your character must find and correctly identify a fresher section of trail before trying again, represented by successes accumulated in subsequent rolls. In an extended and contested effort, if the most successes are ever rolled for the quarry, the trail is lost altogether.
      Success: In an extended effort, the tracker gains some ground and accurately traces the trail further (successes are accumulated). In an extended and contested effort, the most successes are rolled for and accumulated by the tracker.
      Exceptional Success: Considerable successes are gathered for the tracker, you pick up some hint to the preys condition, gain the informed condition.
      Suggested Modifiers
      Modifier Situation
      +2 Power is used on a vampire with whom the user who shares blood sympathy
      Weather conditions do not influence the psychic trail a vampire leaves
      –1 For every two hours that have elapsed since the quarry has passed
      Because Scent of the Beast involves tapping into one’s Beast, it carries a certain danger. The Beast rides close to the surface and the character’s control over it is diminished. Whenever this Devotion is used, the character suffers a -1 penalty on all rolls to resist frenzy for the duration of the scene.
      This power costs 3 experiences to learn.

      Last edited by LordofIron; 09-26-2018, 07:08 AM. Reason: Removed Stalward Servant - It was already in the Core book - No idea how I missed it!

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        I've accidentally cobbled together a Knowledge collection mechanic Instead of posting it here due to it being over 4000 words long I've added it, plus all my work so far (and some Demon stuff) into this Google Doc

        So what is it? Well It started out as as updating the learning Coils rules from Coteries…. and then spiralled out of control into being a reskinning/ design of the CofD investigation system into a Research and knowledge based discovery mechanic. I always found characters who sought “Knowledge”, “Secrets” and “Mysteries” hard to run and play as I find it quite hard to transfer information from GM to Player in a way that feels rewarding. Hopefully this system does that. I have tried to keep it as close to the Investigation base as possible so theoretically both can be used in the same game without impact.

        Also it should be noted that it was not until I was about 85% through I went “Blimey, this could be used for everything not just Coils”. Therefore that’s why it's all Ordo Dracul based and the “Twist” at the end works as a patch. I may rewrite it one day to be “Arcane Mystery Agnostic” but I want to play test it first. Also sounds like Signs of Sorcery may cover similar ground, and I would not be surprised if something shows up in Guide to the Night which makes this all irrelevant.

        Find my Homebrew so far here:
        So far its Demon Merits, Vampire 1e to 2e ports and a Knowledge collection mechanic for the Ordo Dracul!


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          this is great stuff, thanks for sharing! keep em coming!

          VtR 2v5 Homebrew: VtR 2e base with my favorite V5 mechanics


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            Originally posted by nicodemus View Post
            this is great stuff, thanks for sharing! keep em coming!
            Glad you like it! Working my way through Carthians now - Lots of devotions. Not going to do all the Bloodlines, I feel they need more creativity than a simple up-port, but if I get inspired I plan to take a stab.

            I am happy to share my re-work of Interest groups. Translated the multiple merits into a single, generic merit that is game line agnostic. Also brewed up an advanced version for groups with Specialities and added 2 potential "Twists"

            New Merit: Interest Group (••)

            Prerequisite: Selected Group Skill ••
            Effect: People who share common interests tend to get together and discuss ideas and keep themselves sharp. Participating in an interest group doesn’t necessarily improve your chances of succeeding at a relevant task but it does improve your chances of capitalising on a success and making the most of it.
            The Interest Group Merit can be brought multiple times – once for each group the character joins. When joining a group, the character selects a Mental or Social skill they have at least 2 Dots in. When making rolls with the selected skill the Character gets the 9-again quality on the roll.
            The effects of these groups presuppose attendance and attention. The group may be an Internet bulletin board or a monthly meeting at the local pool hall but ignoring a group for more than a month is likely to diminish its usefulness. Skipping out a lot won’t lose the Merit but does keep it from working until a few more meetings (or posts or discussions) have been used to “reactivate” it.

            New Merit: Interest Group (••, Advanced)

            Prerequisite: Interest Group (Selected Skill), Speciality in Interest Group Skill
            Effect: Some groups go beyond simple broad interests, some delve deep into a topic to really get to the meat of the issue. Sometimes these groups are splinters from an initial group or a natural changing of focus, for example “History Club” evolving into to “French Revolution Club.” Characters with a shared Speciality will meet in these advanced cliques and hone their specific craft and discuss these topics in far more detail. These groups are rarer and are unlikely to spontaneously manifest without specific guidance or outside factors. They also require far more upkeep to maintain.
            This Merit can also be brought multiple times – so long as the character is already a part of an Interest group of the broader skill, and has a speciality in that skill, and enough people are willing to form the advanced group. When making rolls with that selected speciality the Character gets the 8-again quality on the roll.

            Twist: Physical Skills

            These merits could be expanded to physical skills, Brawl for a Fight club or Athletics for a gymnastics team. Be wary of allowing the more combat orientated skills into your game, 9-again on Survival is unlikely to change the nature of a Chronicle, but if everyone can get 9-again on Brawl for 2 experiences the game can dissolve into an arms race.

            Twist: Social Organisations

            Some groups in the World of Darkness actively encourage their members to seek out knowledge and establish groups to grown and hone their skills. Carthians and Tempters for instance would revel in Social groups while the Mysterium and the Lucifuge would get involved in dozens of Academic or Occult circles. If a Character is apart of such an organisation, or follows such a line of thought, consider a 1 dot discount to purchase the Merits.

            Find my Homebrew so far here:
            So far its Demon Merits, Vampire 1e to 2e ports and a Knowledge collection mechanic for the Ordo Dracul!


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              The following are the devotions missing from the 2e core updated from the 1e core. 1 has been converted to a merit, quite a few where skipped for having already been elevated.
              In my haste to get on with the Supplements I forgot to check the core book for devotions, assuming that like rituals there where all already updated. So Devotions updated below. In the Google Doc Is also the first batch of Carthian Devotions which I plan to finish up soon. Once the Carthians are done I will be looking at the Red Surrender from Gangrel: Savage and Macabre. I have an idea for it as being a series of voluntary conditions.


              Knowing the Stranger

              (Auspex ••••, Obfuscate ••••)

              The Familiar Stranger is a versatile and useful ability, but its use becomes perilous when the vampire has no idea who he should be impersonating. Knowing the Stranger allows the character to discern in advance who the target most expects to see under the current circumstances and prepare his next use of Familiar Stranger to become that person. The character does not have any choice over whom he will “become,” but he mystically knows exactly who he’s supposed to be to best fit his goals. The vampire must be able to see the person whom he plans to dupe when this Devotion is activated.

              Cost: 1 Vitae

              Dice Pool: Intelligence + Empathy + Auspex vs Resolve + Blood Potency

              Action: Reflexive

              Roll Results

              Dramatic Failure: The kindred assumes that he appears as one person when the subject interprets him as another.

              Failure: The vampire gets no impression of whom he should become.

              Success: The vampire knows in advance for whom he will be mistaken and knows how to become that person.

              Exceptional Success: As a Success but the Vampire gains the Informed condition about the personality he will impersonate.

              This power costs 4 experiences to learn.

              Arcane Sight

              (Auspex •••, Crúac •)

              Those who know this Devotion have learned how to expand their mystical sight by incorporating rudiments of blood magic. Kindred with this power can use their Auspex to scrutinize the auras of objects, as well as people, and may glean information from the eddies of power that whorl through the world.

              Cost: 1 Vitae per scene

              Dice Pool: Wits + Occult + Auspex

              Action: Instant

              Roll Results

              Dramatic Failure: The player asks a question as though he had rolled a success; the Storyteller should give false or misleading information.

              Failure: The Beast unveils no secrets.

              Success: The player can ask the Storyteller one question per success. The Storyteller’s answer should include the imagery conjured by the Beast to convey the answer.

              Exceptional Success: The player can ask two questions.

              Sample Questions:
              •Whether an object (or person) has any magic of its own or is currently under enchantment

              •Whether the magic comes from the object or creature directly or from an external source

              •The nature of the magic (beneficial, harmful, illusory)

              •Detailed information as to the type and level of magic employed

              Although this Devotion does identify sources of magic or items possessed of enchantments, it does not reveal magic effects in action (such as a magical fireball or an illusion).

              This Devotion costs 2 experiences points to learn.

              Iron Façade

              (Obfuscate ••, Resilience ••)

              Sometimes intimidation is a vampire’s best weapon, particularly when facing an opponent who is unaware of the Kindred’s true ability. Through the use of this power, the vampire appears to shrug off even the mightiest of blows, to ignore wounds that should cripple even one of the undead.

              Cost: 1 Vitae

              Dice Pool: Intelligence + Survival + Obfuscate

              Action: Instant

              Roll Results

              Dramatic Failure: The player appears to be more wounded then they are and suffer a penalty equal to their Obfuscate rating to any social dice pools

              Failure: The character appears as wounded as they actually are.

              Success: The character hides the extent of their injuries and seems to function at full capability, regardless of how badly injured he actually is.

              Exceptional Success: The character is so convinced by their appearance they gain the steadfast condition as ,through sheer force of will, they gain a surge of confidence.

              Iron Façade does not actually heal wounds or reduce dice-pool penalties to non social rolls, It simply appears to do so, making it impossible for any observers to determine the character’s true condition. Once activated, Iron Façade lasts for a scene or until the character is sent into torpor by his wounds.
              A vampire with Auspex might be able to see through this power.

              This Devotion costs 2 experiences points to learn.

              Lessons in the Steel

              (Auspex •, Resilience •••)

              Some rather intrepid Kindred develop the ability to gain insight into a foe’s combat prowess by willingly subjecting themselves to opponents’ attacks. Knowledge is power, after all, and any vampire wounded in this way is gifted with power that can then be used against the enemy.

              Cost: 1 Vitae

              Dice Pool: Resolve + Investigation + Resilience – opponent’s Resolve

              Action: Instant

              In order to activate this Devotion, the vampire must first suffer an attack from an opponent that successfully inflicts at least one point of damage of any type in close combat. Upon suffering this wound, the vampire’s player makes the requisite roll. His dice pool is reduced by one die for each piece of information sought about the attacker (up to a maximum of five) beyond the first. The information the character seeks must be related to combat or other martial prowess. Examples Include:


              •Use of Fighting Styles

              •Enhancements by disciplines

              •Wound Modifiers

              Characters do not learn exact numbers but instead should be given flavourful descriptions of the chosen information. Additionally this power cannot allow a player to know about direct discipline powers such as Theban Sorcery or Protean, but do allow information on enhanced die pools from disciplines.

              This Devotion costs 2 experiences points to learn.

              Veridical Tongue

              (Dominate ••, Majesty ••)

              With this power, a character is able to render one subject unable to speak anything but the truth as he knows it. Targets may choose to remain silent, of course, but when they speak, they simply can’t lie. The subject must be in the Discipline’s user’s presence when this power is invoked.

              Cost: 1 Vitae

              Dice Pool: Presence + Subterfuge + Majesty – Composure

              Action: Instant

              If the roll is successful, the target must speak the truth for a number of turns equal to the successes gained. He may choose not to speak at all, but in many cases silence equates to guilt among the Kindred.

              This Devotion costs 2 experiences points to learn.

              New Merit: Instantaneous Transformation (••, ••••)

              Prerequisite: Protean ••• or Protean •••••, and Celerity ••

              Effect: Sometimes the shift into animal (or otherwise inhuman) form simply takes too long. Instantaneous Transformation allows Kindred to use a Reflexive action to activate the Beasts Skin power at 2 dots and Primeval Miasma at 4 dots. Each level of the Merit requires the power it effects to already be known.

              Find my Homebrew so far here:
              So far its Demon Merits, Vampire 1e to 2e ports and a Knowledge collection mechanic for the Ordo Dracul!