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    Thank you for clicking in and giving me a hand. Haven't played Vampire much since CoD/Blood and Smoke dropped and trying to get back in the swing of things. I will be posting questions here as I develop them in hope as not flooding the Forums with every question that comes to my head.

    The first thing I needed help with is, I know obtenebration got converted in a series of devotions. Where can I find the links for these?

    To add context to this question: my group has a few house rules with kindred, each clan has two sides and two signature disciplines, you choose one at character creation and get the other one around Blood Potency 3 as "in clan". Mekhet have Auspex and obtenebration, is the current devotions easily ported back into being its own Discipline? Would they be balanced? Anyone willing to help convert them back into a discipline would be very appreciated

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    Here’s the post it’s from:

    There’s still five powers in the new version, so it’s probably just a manner of how you’d order them as a linear discipline.


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      The linked devotions work more in parallel rather than a linear order, but if you had to give them a progression, I'd do it like this:

      * Udjat
      ** Pseshkf
      *** Tyet
      **** Iteru
      ***** Ba

      You may want to adjust some of the utility here and there, but that's the quick and dirty avenue.

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