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[2E Homebrew] Bloodline, the Flamel

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  • [2E Homebrew] Bloodline, the Flamel

    Hello all ! So i recently began to run a requiem game set in france, and i tought i would create a few local Bloodlines, don't hesitate to send me your feedback if you want to ! English is not my native language, i tried to proof read the whole text, but there may be error here and there.
    The alchemists, the luminaries, the hoax, the cocktails makers
    Background :
    An illustrous Ventrue bloodline if there ever was one, they trace their ligneage back to their legendary founder, the alchemist Nicolas Flamel, who is rumored to having achieved the Embrace with just a little bit of ventrue vitae and his own genius. Some say he is still active somewhere in europe.
    The Flamel are the sole practicioner of the poorely understood art of Blood Alchemy. something that inspire envy and suspicion among the other kindreds, there is a strong rivalry between the Flamel and The Geheim, as the former consider the Geheim as failed chemist more interested in pleasure and hedonism than true alchemy and enlightement

    The becoming : Many Alchemist comes from academics backgrounds, Flamel look for prospective childer with a sharp mind, strong will, and ambition, social background is irrevelant for the Flamel, they do tends to embrace humans from CHines,e middle eastern and european background, due to their ties to the art of alchemy.
    In the dance macabre: Flamels tends to integrate themselves most with the Ordo Dracul, where their scientific and mystic pursuit are welcomed, other than that they are foudn in every covenant, based on personal preference,
    Most Alchemist sell their service to kindred in need in exchange for copious amount of vitae,that their art requires, this practice have given them a reputation of dangerous junkies among the least educated kindred, the flamel takes great umbrage at those accusations, as nothing could be further from the truth from their point of view.

    Bloodlines ban : The thirst for vitae is constant for a Flamel, as the power of the Blood rouse his hunger, all Flamel have the Vitae addictyion condition and it can never be resolved, they still gain beats when indulging their hunger

    Bloodline gift Blood Alchemy, all member of the bloodline can, and are excepted to, develop the discipline of Blood Alchemy

    Disciplines : Dominate, Resilience, Animalism, Blood Alchemy

    Cost 1 vitae +1 willpower
    Intelligence+Occult+Blood alchemy Vs Stamina+ Blood potency
    Action : instant
    The first step of alchemy is decomposition, by understanding the cleansing principle of putrefaction, the Alchemist can now cleanse the body of kindred and kine alike to degrade the vitae into blood, interestingly enough, this principle seems to work on any physical creature possessing a source of otherwordly power, but not on ephemeral entities
    Dramatic failure: The Blood of the alchemist suffer the effect of degradation, he takes bashing damage equal to his blood potency
    Failure the effort is wasted
    Success : The victim loose a number of Vitae (or any other fuel stat) equal to the success, if the alchemist scored more success than the victim had in vitae, the remaining succes inflict bashing damage on a basis of one to one
    Exceptional sucess : The victim doesn't just loose the source of her power, but her very spirit is shaken by the experience, she loose willpower equal to the alchemist blood potency

    •• Albedo
    Roll : Resolve+occult+Blood alchemy
    Cost 2 vitae (the targer must be in arm's lenght)
    Action : Instant
    By applying the principle of purification to their undead body, the alchemist can now use the healing power of vitae to themselves or to others, this power makes the Alchemist invaluable to kindred and mortal alikes
    Dramatic failure : The vitae slip out of the alchemist control and cause a point of aggravated damage to the target
    Failure The vitae is spent but its power fades into the flesh without healing it
    Success The alchemist can choose to divide his success among the following benefit
    - 1 succes heal all bashing damage to the target
    - 1 succes heals one point of lethal damage
    - 3 succes heal one point of aggravated damage, bypassing the need for daysleep, but keeping the limit of healing one aggravated damage per day
    - 1 succes can purge the blood of a disease or poison on a basis of reducing toxicity by one point at a time
    Exceptional success : The body and soul are purified by the awesome power of Blood alchemy, the target regain willpower equal to half the blood potency of the alchemist rounded down

    ••• Rubedo
    Cost : 5 vitae +1 willpower
    Roll : Intelligence + science + Blood alchemy
    Action :extended
    Target number : 5
    Duration 1 week per blood potency
    Now at the threshold of achiveing their great work, the alchemist can use their own vitae to transmute it into a stable physical form seperated from their own being,
    the result of the procedure is called a Bloodstone and resemble a rough ruby that can fit in the palm of the hand. The bloodstone can store an amount of vitae equal to half the amount fo vitae the creator could hold at the time of creation, the Bloodstone can absord vitae by contact or if a vampire is feeding while holding it, the vampire can choose to store the vitae into the bloodstone, retrieving vitae from the gem doesn't require a roll and can be done as long as the stone is in contact with the skin of the user, the vitae in the stone is treated as vampiric vitae and does include the risk of vitae addiction, but can not form a blood bond.
    At the end of the period, the Bloodstone collasp into a myriad of useless red fragment
    Dramatic failure : The stone seems to be flawless, but any time someone tries to gain vitae from the stone, they are instead drained of their vitae (or health if there is no vitae to take) equal to the blood potency of the creator
    Failure : The stone hold for a biref moment before liquifying into a red brownish subtance
    Sucess : The alchemist manage to solidify the vitae into a Bloodstone
    Exeptional success : The Bloodstone remains active for one month per blood potency instead of week

    •••• Quintessential vitae
    Cost : 2 vitae
    Action: instant
    Roll : Resolve + occult + Blood alchemy Or Resolve + occult+ Blood alchemy vs stamina+ Blood potency
    The power of transmutation of the alchemist deepens, with the help of the Bloodstone, the vampire can channel otherwordly source of energy and change them into vitae, Glamour, Pyros, mana, essence, plasm, ether ,even vitae from other vampire or other strange magical substance can now be stolen or collected at appropriate sites of power, note that this power doesn't tell the alchemist where to find those source of power or even reveal their existence to the alchemist. Interrestingly enough, Pyros and Azoth react strongly with the Bloodstone, any point of Pyros or Azoth collected in this fashion grant 2 point of vitae. To activate this power, the Flamel need to be in physical contact with a Bloodstone and can choose to divide the vitae gain between herself or the stone if they wish to do so.
    Dramatic failure : The Flamel thirst for the power of the blood, he gains the Deprived(vitae) condition and must sate his hunger on an amount of vitae equal to his blood potency
    Failure : The substance proved too volatile for the vampire to channel
    Sucess For each success, a poin of the substance is transmuted into a point of vitae and counts as feeding on a vampire for the purpose of feeding restriction.
    Exceptional sucess : The beast is gorged on the occult power of the bloodstone, as long as the vampire take one point of vitae for himself, he gains the Estatic condition

    ••••• Sanguine Athanor
    Cost : same as the discipline the vampire try to replicate
    Action : Extended
    Target : Level of the discipline +2
    Roll : Stamina+occult+Blood Alchemy
    Duration : permanent

    Having been purified and elevated by the Art of Blood alchemy, the body of the Flamel can now serve as an alchemical furnace, by condesing their own mystical power, the vampire can produce a bloody Bezoar containing the essence of a vampiric discipline, eitheir a discipline the alchemist knows, or, by ingesting vitae from a vampire that can use it, a discipline the flamel don't know himself. This power can make the flamel invaluable allies or can transform them into merciless monster hunting other vampire to steal their power. Disciplines (even bloodlines disciplines) can be "stored" into the Bezoar for later use, Devotions work on the same principle, with the cost being that of the highest discipline required.
    A Bezoar do have some limits however, it cannot be use to replicate blood sorcery or coils of the dragons and any requirement for the disciplines to work must be met and cannot be bypass by the Bezoar
    Any vampire can use a Bezoar, as long as they can touch it. It will however crumble into dust once used

    Dramatic failure : The Bezoar appears to be in working order, but will inflict the dramatic failure effect of thze discipline recreated upon activation
    Failure : The Flamel regurgitate a mess of wasted blood on the floor
    Sucess ; The Flamel regurgitate a Bloody bezoar containing a discipline, upon activation, no roll is required and the discipline will take effect as if the vampire rolled successfuly on the discipline roll
    Exceptional success : The Bezoar will now provide an exceptional success upon activation


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    hey em! i love the idea in general. i'm not versed enough to comment on balance for the mechanics, but conceptially i have a few questions.

    Do they still utilize Animalism? Given the proclivities to plumb secret knowledge, maybe swap it for Auspex? Or perhaps Obfuscate, since you mention that they inspire envy and suspicion, so perhaps the need to quickly hide would be useful to them.

    Why Ventrue for the parent Clan?

    Why Blood Alchemy as a discipline instead of Blood Sorcery that they have access to? Personally these days I'm more inclined to Blood Sorcery and Devotions over new disciplines unless i have a specific reason to go that route. But that may be just me.

    VtR 2v5 Homebrew: VtR 2e base with my favorite V5 mechanics


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      Thanks for your reply ! They do still use the disciplines of their clant parent, they do not need to hide what they are, they azre proud of their abilities, and the knowledge they gain is about themselves and can't be found in the minds of others

      Ventrue is the parent clans of the Flamel for a simple reason, Ventrue seek perfection and excellence in all things, Alchemy is about perfection, be it spiritual or material, so to me it made sense to use the Ventrue as the parent clan.

      Blood alchemy is not a form of blood sorcery for multiples reasons, first one, Blood Alchemy don't follow the form that blood sorcery takes, it doesn't need a ceremony, the Flamel don't request power to change the world, but instead enact this change within himself, Blood alchemy is an occult science that seek to control the mystical properties of the Vitae. Some of it's precept are spiritual and occult in nature, but an alchemist knows that his power are a result of his effort and labor resulting in gradual change to his undead condition, and not to a connection to some Otherworldy, Godly , or Bestial power.
      To learn Blood alchemy is to dedicated oneself to this pursuit and be ready to enact a mystical and irreversible change to one's blood.



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        fair enough! enjoy!

        VtR 2v5 Homebrew: VtR 2e base with my favorite V5 mechanics