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New idea for Blood Magic and Covenants

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  • New idea for Blood Magic and Covenants

    Hi everyone,

    This idea came to me yesterday as I was looking into converting Vampire the Masquerade Clans into Vampire the Requiem (whether first or second edition is secondary). Obviously I am aware a lot of people already touched upon this and I have the Translation Guide. I'm sharing this basically because I ended up with something completely different from what I was planning and it might inspire someone further. Do note that it's still so under-designed and not detailed, but also so mixed, that it basically constitutes a good third setting, distinct from both masquerade and requiem.

    The basic idea is that there is a first unknown vampire with 5 children, akin to the Second Generation of Vampire the Masquerade (except that they were 3), each with some strong inclination. From these children come the 5 clans of Requiem. Masquerade clans and bloodlines would mostly be historically fortunate bloodlines that have become largely important worldwide but do not exclude lesser and more localized bloodlines. In this particular setting, taking a bloodline as soon as your blood is strong enough is practically the norm.

    Masquerade clans with only one of the unique disciplines of the Requiem clans automatically descend from that clan. For example, the Tzimisce are a Mekhet bloodline (because of Auspex) with Vicissitude, Auspex, Animalism and Celerity as native disciplines. Or something like that. It's up to the Storyteller to determine the specifics, as I have not gone into enough detail yet. Masquerade clans with two unique disciplines (like Auspex and Dominate or Auspex and Presence/Majesty) are either normal bloodlines or strange hybrids, depending on how you want to characterize them.

    The major change came when I started thinking of the Tremere, Giovanni/Cappadocian and Followers of Set (along with anyone with Thaumaturgy or Necromancy) and had to choose whether they would be bloodlines or covenants. That's when my ideas became too different from either Masquerade and Requiem setting-wise, although this is all in a Requiem rule system, either 1e or 2e.

    Covenants, or Traditions, in this setting, are macro-organizations that allow vampires to activate and access blood magic. There are four, which basically are founded upon four different paradigms and sources of power, and end up being closer to Mage: the Ascension Traditions than to anything else.
    Each Tradition has access to a form of Blood Magic. They activate their rituals by rolling Intelligence+an ability which depends on their paradigm. Their rituals are basically translations of powers from Masquerade and Requiem, but each tradition has four themes, like the themes suggested in one Requiem manual for Cruac and Theban Sorcery. All the powers of a Tradition relate to one of these themes and they can be used as reference to develop new powers. For enterprising cross-system enthusiast, one could take the issue as far as a Mage-like freeform blood magic working around these themes. The roll is always Intelligence+Tradition's ability+Blood Magic-level of the ritual.

    Important: these groups only reflect ideas about how to harness the power of blood magic. Within each Tradition there can be myriad groups, even large, hating and fighting each other or cultivating only certain aspects of that source of power, like only certain themes.

    1) Transformationists, the power of death. Giovanni+Cappadocii+Ordo Dracul. Ability: Medicine. Themes: Vampirism (ordo dracul coils and spires+Tremere's Path of Blood), Corpse (Cappadoccii paths to emulate, alter or resurrect corpses), Soul (paths to deal with and control ghosts and move through their world), Destruction (basically entropy, including the Hands of Destruction path of Thaumaturgy and the Vitreous Path of the Nagaraja)

    2) Faithful, the power of faith. Setites+Salubri+Lancea et Sanctum+pagans as devoted to ancient deities (rather than as nature devotees, which is another Tradition)+ (possibly) the Baali. Ability: Academics. Themes: Theophany (taking on aspects of the god/gods and their servants, like Serpentis, but also aspects of angels or demons, like Micheal's flaming sword or angelic wings or a succubus' charms), Blessing, Curse, Aid (summoning servants of one's deity or faith in general, whether they be angels, demons, minor devas, valkyrie or ushabti)

    3) Philosophers, the power of knowledge. Tremere+Circle of the Crone (not as devotees of the vampiric nature - that's with the Transformationists - but as nature pagans)+Kolduns. Ability: Occult (or perhaps Science). Themes: Nature/Natural Forces, Spirit (in the Werewolf, not ghost, sense), Mind, Space

    4) Lawgivers, the power of the law. Invictus+Carthians+Assamite warriors and viziers+Camarilla. Ability: Politics. Themes: Authority (who should rule? the elders or everyone or...), Contracts (regulating and enforcing private agreements between vampires), Judgment (punishing the transgressors), Legislation (formulating laws that will be effective and binding)

    This is the idea so far. It's messy, very unclear and clearly a lot of work to develop a new setting based on both Masquerade and Requiem, or at least translating one of the two settings into this one, but perhaps it will be fun for someone. I don't have a Requiem playing group atm, neither as a player nor as ST, so it's just a creative project so far, but feel free to use it and develop it further.

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    Interesting idea, I think the Req clan/masq clan idea is fine, the Tradition one though I feel become a little to complicated since your mashing up a lot of factions in overbloat whatever organizations you would be trying to make.



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      Originally posted by Iceblade44 View Post
      Interesting idea, I think the Req clan/masq clan idea is fine, the Tradition one though I feel become a little to complicated since your mashing up a lot of factions in overbloat whatever organizations you would be trying to make.
      The idea is basically to reboot the blood magic system. The factions could actually pretty much stay the same. The mechanics are what really would change.

      Also, anther aspect of it is to give the feeling that factions that deal with the same basic questions actually discuss and influence each other. Ex.:

      Carthians and Invictus have political questions on vampire society. Instead of having them as totally different groups with totally different powers stemming from different, unclear sources, why not having them as the two extremes of the vampire debate on politics by those who believe laws and politics are paramount to the point that they can draw sorcerous power from it? Often, Carthians and Invicti would se different rituals, but occasionally a Carthian thinker may be influenced by some Invicti idea, or just interpret a ritual differently, and end up with the same ritual. Also, this system allows to create new vampire groups withouth having to create wholly new covenant powers for them. If they fit broadly into one of these paradigms, they can use existing rituals, develop their own (but with an existing roll system for ease) or use the freeform mage-like version of blood magic without major issues. That way, all the ST has to do is to invent the group's ideology in as much detail as he wants and the powers will take care of themselves. PCs might even develop their own in-game based on their interpretation of the paradigm, especially in the mage-like version.

      Other than this particular freedom, yes, this system is very awkward coming from either masquerade or requiem because it changes so much or it is so undefined in terms of specific rituals.