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Wicked Dead turning into kindred

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  • Wicked Dead turning into kindred

    Requiem 2nd edition has a very interesting bit in the "Notable Locations" section, where the Triangle metropolitan area (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill) presents us with what might be a clan in development, the Jiang Shi. That, while other alternate sources/origins are also given, seem pretty much to be the monsters of the same name from Night Horrors: Wicked Dead.

    So i'm curious if any other monsters from Wicked Dead got a similar upgrade, either in the books or on your own games.

    Me, in a past chronicle ended using the Kanaima from Skinchangers (jaguar spirits dedicated to giving justice and vengeance to the dead by raising them as undead) as Strix surrogates of sorts, patrons of a Gangrel character and his brood and a cabal of witches i made mixing Cihuateteo with the Sons of Phobos.