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Majesty, Viniculam, Humanity , Religion and politics.

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  • Majesty, Viniculam, Humanity , Religion and politics.

    how do the powers of Majesty and The blood Bond, interact With Politics or religion?

    Thought its worth asking.

    When you know that someones a "Heretic" that destroyed 4 Separate Sanctum Monastareys in the name of various Pagan gods, but also know that you love him and want to die for him, ideas how to handle that?

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    Why would a character care about the destruction of Sanctified monasteries unless they have a vested interest in their success or someone they cared about was murdered as a result even if they may not care about religion one way or another.
    I allow characters to refuse Majesty or Vinculum reinforced demands if the request puts them in direct violation of legitimately held beliefs. If, for instance this hypothetical Sanctified mass murdering Acolyte asks a devout Sanctified they placed under vinculum or plied with Majesty to tell him where the next Midnight Mass is going to be held so he can set the place on fire, I’d allow the Sanctified character to refuse and they can justify it with the excuse of not wanting the Acolyte to get hurt or targeted for reprisal. (The Acolyte should have more brains than to inform the Sanctified of their intended mass murder.)
    An Invictus who gets invited and only occasionally attends.... maybe they’ll refuse. Maybe they’ll provide the information, and proceed to warn a Sanctified paladin that an attack is imminent and to cancel mass. Again using the justification that they don’t want the pagan to get hurt.


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      Well, the powers explanation comes in your help if my memory serves.
      Almost every Majesty power but the forth + the third are broken when a breaking point occurs.
      If a Santified is under your Majesty and you destroy something he is very bounded to, it could results in a Breaking point ending your enchantment. But, if he is under the effect of the forth + third he will not notice any breaking point (or maybe it was with fifth, not sure atm).

      On the other side, with Blood Bound it's quite different: someone under blood bond is led to believe that everything his Master does is right, or at least is not as much important as his own gratification. That doesn't means that the bounded vampire would accept everything forever. Basically what you have here is a PERFECT impression (a roll each turn) and +5 dice to the roll in order to convincing him. Furthermore, any attempt to hurt the Regnant (physically or not) results in a breaking point. So I would rather interpret this, at least for the first times. Than the Sanctified, seeing every his beliefs are systematically trampled, could let him start to seriously think to rebel. Now, if the Regnant try to convince him that he is right or whatever, just roll dices (with appropriate penalty) and see what happens. Or, if the Regnant is really exaggerating (destroying touchstones and other veeeeery awful acts against him) you can also decide that, in a very dramatic moment of deep range and desperation, the Sanctified does rebel.
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        would it be safe to say that this sums up the Sanctums view of such incidents? that its abhorrent and will twice damn the heretic who does so, but is probably meant to be, in the eyes of god.

        And is a trial the sanctified are meant to endure with dignity. if reasonably possible liberate your comrade, if not, liberate his soul from his body, let loginus sort it out.


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          There really isn't a canonical way dictating how they respond. In one setting I played in, the Sanctified had a doctrine where kindred were only allowed to practice one religion. (theirs) They were tolerant, to a point, towards secularism and polytheism but not blasphemy and had no qualms about murdering non Sanctified kindred for "serious" offenses.
          In another setting, killing kindred for any reason other than self preservation or defense of another kindred was a capital offense. (Cutting off another kindred's timeframe to seek redemption from their damnation meant your own life was forfeit.)


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            Suggested once Blood bonding a Slasher was told it might be counter productive. As if your a Acolyte you might find a enslaved Slasher Handy in Tempering Hero's


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              oh a similar question?

              is their a reason not to try bloodbonding a captive? and try to enslave them?


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                The answer to your question is simple. Just listen to this song to find your answer. :')


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                  Originally posted by Prince of the Night View Post
                  is their a reason not to try bloodbonding a captive? and try to enslave them?
                  Depending on the style of game you run, morality?


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                    Originally posted by Michael View Post

                    Depending on the style of game you run, morality?
                    ROFLS at that.

                    Any practical reasons?

                    enjoyed mental picture of some Sanctum crusaders being captured by circle and blood bound and used as Cannon fodder.


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                      Practical reasons? Yes several.

                      1. Kindred have long memories.

                      2. Kindred hold grudges.

                      3. Kindred are functionally immortal.

                      4. Karma is a Bitch.


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                        Bloodbonding, also, can be troublesome. It doesn't just turn someone into your slave; they also become absolutely obsessed with you. It isn't a flawless method for garnering henchmen. There are risks.

                        They could also be already bound to someone else and decide to try and trick you into thinking you succeeded when you did not.


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                          You are assuming they aren't already Blood Bonded and will fake that the bond worked till you let them go and then murder you...


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                            if its a sanctum crusader you captured and your in circle, you could use them as cannon fodder on next operation.

                            one idea, is to keep them in torpor till then.


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                              Oh an idea I just had? Is it reasonable For a Elder Acolyte to use defeated Enemys of the Crone as targets for Stolen Vitae.

                              Would it Defile the "Holy Predation" of the Sanctum that much.? or would many probably sigh "if you dislike it, leave the city" since while tragic, its probably viewed by many as a permissible thing to do with a captured enemy.

                              definitely in the realm of Humanity 6 which is the highes Humanity a vampire3 who knows the ritual can achieve.