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    Hi, can you provide me with some cool example of action aligned with the seductive beast? I'm always finding myself using the same. And also, how could a seductive beast can be used in a thematically way, when you are armed in front of someone suspected to have killed a friend of yours that try to use Awe (I see a seductive smile inappropriate in this context). Any cool idea?
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    Well for starters I probably wouldn't have used the Seductive one in that scene. Although, showing of some special body parts, leaning forward to lick the pipe of the gun or just a smiling mocking "I hope that's not the gun you intend to use on me". Licking your own finger and put it into the gun. Like the actions toward the seductive beast is to invoke some kind of want in the target. It can, but definitively have to be romantic/sexual although it can be.

    A more appropriate lashing out could be competitive and like staring down the target while screaming "Try that again and I'm gonna strange you with that gun".


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      A seductive smile is probably inappropriate in that context, so that's not just you.

      Of course, Lashing Out with the seductive beast is probably equally inappropriate in that context, so...


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        Seductive Beast / Wanton does not exclusively mean a sexual temptation, though that is likely the most common form. It's also about escapism, indulgence and gratification in various forms.

        I think you could spin it in that situation for a temptation toward forgiveness / closure. "Just admit what you did. No more games, no more bullshit. Get it out. Don't you know how good you'll feel when that's done? Don't you want to stop living with this on your back, always looking behind you? Talk to me, right here, right now. Just the truth."

        Though if you were really there just to kill/intimidate/threaten and there was no agenda at all in trying to tempt them into a non-combat action, as an ST I'd urge you to go with the Monstrous Beast even if that isn't your optimal lashing out pool.


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          Thanks to everyone.
          Answering to Holy, no, they weren't there just to kill/fight. They just suspected about them but wanted to see the situation clearer. I'll go for your advice.


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            Hmm. It isn't really cool action but I do have an example of an NPC in the game I'm in using the Seductive beast effectively.

            The coterie were participating in a meeting between the Lancea et Sanctum ruler of a city and his Childe who has since joined Belial's Brood. The Prince was enraged by his Childe's refusal to look him in the eye and was getting ready to attack him. On Elysium Grounds...

            Naturally the Coterie and the Hound present attempted to deescalate the situation. The Hound eventually succeeded by lashing out with his seductive beast with the intention of making listening to reason and backing down seem desirable. It worked. The Prince backed down and the Brood didn't get the horror show they were expecting.