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Dominate - is it easy to figure out you have been mesmerized/dominated?

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    And furthermore the prerequisite power to use any Majesty power affect everyone in the room, litterally drawing attention on the user


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      Majesty makes for an enthusiastic servant/partner/etc. Dominate turns a person into a meat robot.


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        How Euphoric would learning Majesty be for a hideous looking Nosferatu?


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          Originally posted by Prince of the Night View Post
          How Euphoric would learning Majesty be for a hideous looking Nosferatu?

          It will totally cover, albeit temporarily, the socially off-putting reaction of their hideousness. That's the 1-dot power at work. The rest of it just makes someone (eventually all someones present) like you even more.

          "Man, she's got a face so horrible it's going to give me nightmares for a month! I mean--it's so bad it's good!"

          Dark Saturday is a song for these occasions.


          Going back to some earlier posts, I really like the point that for most vamps, being around members of a given clan just means something: command, revelation, unease, the itch of someone near frenzy, etc. That underlines you're dealing with monsters. They aren't just refined humans who happen to have an eccentric diet and living requirements, but actually bend reality around them in ways that are casually expressed.

          I think it was Rose who pointed out that the relatively inexpensive nature of Disciplines was purposefully to underline how easy it is to slip into the comforting coffin of supernatural power, at the eventual price of Humanity.

          A character--a vampire--who hangs around others of their kind is going to know that they cannot trust their own reactions, ultimately. They either let that drive them to a frenzied neurosis or they just deal with it and try to find ones they can trust enough not to casually F' them for giggles. That's... that's hard, btw.