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Semitic Covenants and Blood Sorceries

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    Thoughts on the Blood Sorcery?


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      • The Sanctum(Covenant)
        • The city has been under siege for days. You haven’t seen your brother since the Edomite arrived two weeks ago. At this point, it's just a cycle of death. You never thought it would happen. That bastard actually went to Rome. You hope to kill soon for his betrayal. You and the other men try to keep calm. Everyone has been on edge since Simeon disappeared a few nights ago. The only thing left where he stood guard was a blood tunic ripped to shreds, as if by a beast. No matter. It's a half moon tonight and you look up at it in amazement. From the corner of your eye, you see something. You turn to look and it's your brother wearing priestly garb. You smile and go to embrace him before you ask yourself the question, how did he get past Herod’s soldiers. “Oh, my beloved kin. It is good that you embrace what is to come.” you hear him say before you collapse to the ground.
        • Where We Came From: On the eve of the death of King Yerav’am, a group of Kindred met. Israelites and Judeans, monotheists and henotheists/monolatrists joined together in an alliance to reorganize their community. This disparate alliance was based on preserving a community that the elders and ancilla among them had seen ripped to shreds many times before and refused to permit to occur again. Simeon of Judah and Rivkah of Ephraim bound each of their childer with Vinculum and they bound their own childer. From then on they spread amongst the other afflicted in our midsts. Giving those who wished to weaken the whole Final Death.
        • Our Practices: We are survivors. Banished from the embrace of Sheol and blessed with the gift of new covenants with our Lord. While we may be segmented, we are ultimately united. Across tribal, national, and faith we all recognize the importance of our callings. To be holy terrors. This takes a multiplicity of forms: from the zoneh who tortures and kills the unrighteous who defiles the Shabbat, to the diseased hermit who offers unholy insight.
        • When We’re In Power: It’s the Wilderness, the reign of Saul and David, the regency of Athaliah, the Hasmonean Dynasty. The best times for us come in many forms. Whether it be punishing those who stray from G-d or consuming those with the gall to attempt to destroy us; or appreciating the sovereignty over the shadows we’ve been promised.
        • When We’re In Trouble: Our people know adversity. We have been slaves and displaced many times before. We have seen persecution at the hands of those we protect and those we swear to destroy. We endure. Whether it be cycles of torpor or the encroachment of the goyim and the others that they bring. Through outright assaults, covert assassinations, induced torpor, and simply hiding we survive to fight another day.
        • Sects:
          • Shedim: The youngest and largest sect, they’re predominately monotheists and those who never turned from El as their patron. This group has gone through a variety of changes in recent centuries: from originally being a cult centered around a secret priesthood dedicated solely to El to sages and mystics gleaning information for their community. The most scholarly of the sects that stalk the streets of ancient Judaea, these young and commonly zealous are never far from the center of religious and cultural conflicts.
            • Beliefs: Our covenant is with Adonai. We reside on the level of Samael in separation to G-d and are charged with keeping our people in line and delving the depths of His secrets for eternity.
            • Rituals and Observances:
              • Mikvah of HaSatan - The newly embraced is taken on Rosh Chodesh to bathe in the blood and gore of the imperfect, blatant mockeries of the sin offerings.
              • Lamadnu(To learn) - You are charged with deeply studying the nature of the blood and the Heavens.
              • Taharah(Purity) - Those of the priestly castes are closer to G-d. As such those of them who come into our state are favored.
          • Rephites: Predominately elders and ancilla who barely survived the Assyrian and Babylonian captivities. The few members of this sect believe strongly in their callings and their covenant with Maweth and Resheph. Around the time of the King Josiah’s reformation and the mass banning of other G-ds, their ranks have started to cultivate ghoul cults from the former Cults of Asherah, Anat, Qetesh, and others. They consider their counterparts to be heretics and keep to their traditional hermitage while teaching those who wish to learn.
            • Beliefs: While El and Asherah are supreme, they are no longer our patrons. We serve Maweth and Resheph foremost, for our condition is a covenant with them.
            • Rituals and Observances
              • Mikvah at Gehenna - Each Yom Kippur they slaughter animals used in sin offerings and bathe in the gore.
              • Kavod(Honor) - Do not come in contact with the Levites and Kohanim.
              • Nekamah(Revenge) - Undermine those who threw out our G-ds.
          • Lilithian: The most secretive and smallest sect, they’re also entirely female. The earliest members of the sect worshipped the owls, lilin. They spend much of their time in orgiastic rituals and tempting the weak-willed. During the night they go out and dance, tempting men and women alike with their sweet smells and seductive allure. From Samaria to the Negev they patrol, offering pleasure and death in equal spades.
            • Beliefs: The Whore Mother promises retribution and freedom for those who take up her cause. We are under a new covenant with her. To cull the perverse so that the meek will inherit.
            • Rituals and Observances
              • Mikvah of the Zoneh - Each Yom Kippur they are charged with seducing someone who committed a heinous act against someone who was defenseless. These criminals are then killed brutally and the neonate must bathe in their gore.
              • Mishpachah(Family) - A man may never be gifted with our powers and a sister is not to come to harm unless she betrays her own kind.
              • Gehmul(Retribution) - Since the nights of the Wilderness, the initiates have been charged by their fell patrons to claim the line of those they visit justice on fully.