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Kriminel Bloodline 2e. Samedi inspired

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  • Kriminel Bloodline 2e. Samedi inspired

    This is a Samedi inspired bloodline for VtR 2e. One of my firsts.
    • Kriminel: A tough guy is walking down the street. Everything about him screams out of towner. His walk, talk, and threads betray that he’s from up North. He thinks that the family doesn’t have eyes down South. He’s wrong. He gets drunk and tastes a little NOLA hospitality. Doesn’t realize that he’s been stalked for the last three blocks. The poor sod tumbles into his hotel room and the smell doesn’t hit him before he sees it, the dead thing approaches.
      • Parent Clan: Nosferatu
      • Bloodline Disciplines: Nightmare, Obfuscate, Protean, Vigor
      • Nicknames: Stiffs, Corners, Butchers
      • Bane:
        • The Lonely Curse: Nosferatu embody fear, disgust, and all manner of uncomfortable feelings. Some are inhumanly ugly. Some have a gaze that makes a person feel violated. Every Nosferatu has something that stands in the way of normal relationships. When dealing with humans, treat the Nosferatu’s Humanity as two dots lower for the purpose of Social penalties, and treat any Presence and Manipulation failures as dramatic failures (except in Intimidation rolls). This bane does not apply to interactions with Touchstones or Kindred.
        • The Putrescent Curse: The Kriminel commonly appear in a grotesque, decomposed state. It takes a number of days equal to their Humanity before the first stage of decomposition sets in. They carry a rank odor that betrays their state. Blush of Life doesn’t work and mortals must make a Resolve + Composure roll or be overwhelmed by either their smell.
      • Appearance: Kriminel appears as corpses in various states of decay. They commonly wear clothing associated with violent professions.
      • History and Culture: Baron Kriminel is the enforcer of the Guede. The first of the line goes by many names, the only constant is the origins. During the blood-soaked nights of the Haitian Revolution, a young Nosferatu was brought under the employ of Baron Kriminel. The young Kindred was the childe of a powerful Vodoun practitioner who chose him from amongst the other slaves for an unknown reason. During the tumultuous years the ideas of “Liberty or Death” definitely stirred within many Kindred on what was St. Domingue. On the eve of the 1804 Massacre, it is whispered that the veil between worlds was pierced and Baron Kriminel made a mighty contract with these Kindred that changed them forever. Since those nights things have changed and stayed the same. The bloodline has expanded across the Caribbean and have a stronghold in Louisana. They commonly find themselves work as especially brutal enforcers for criminals and bokor alike.
      • Reputation:
        • Carthians: Politically minded Stiffs are drawn to the Movement like bees to honey. They take up a cause with a zeal that few others can match. When the Movement needs someone to disappear without a trace it takes little for the Stiffs to sign up for even the most grisly jobs.
        • Circle of the Crone: Those amongst the Kriminel who have a more religious knack naturally fall in line with Mother’s Army. They often make brutally zealous celebrants. Those who join often reject syncretism within their faith and keep none before their fell patron.
        • Invictus: The Coroners who find themselves in The First Estate are far and few. Hatred stemming back to the Haitian Revolution due to the violent and racist members who first made the acquaintance of then slaves. Those who call the Estate home are commonly crimelords who are at least in part considered traitors against their line.
        • Lancea et Sanctum: The Butchers who find themselves among the Sanctified are usually called to be members of the cloth. They are commonly the kind shoulder that other Damned cry on. These Butchers practice a syncretic system that remembers to give respect to their fell patron nonetheless.
        • Ordo Dracul: More Kriminel do work with the Dragons than actually join. Those who do often are extremely zealous in overcoming their current state and run a risk higher than even their Sanctified brethern of running afoul of their patron.
      • Bloodline Gift:
        • Dekonpozisyon: Those who serve the Loa with both hands have many powers. Those of the line of Kriminel are mired in the murder that is unique to those who are touched by their patron. All members have access to this unique devotion and receive Plevr for free.
          • Plevr: The way that fat, muscle, and tissue work seem to come naturally to you. The curves, contours, and everything in between. You find yourself able to reconstruct your flesh; fitting it with pockets and changing your appearance.
            • Roll: Crafts + Expression
          • Cheche: Your touch when focused is cancerous. With forethought, anything your hand becomes like a claw and your touch can make organic materials wither away. Becoming shriveled up and impotent.
            • Cost: 1 Vitae
            • Rolls: Manipulation + Medicine + Vigor vs Stamina + Blood Potency
            • Prerequisite: Vigor 3, Protean 3
          • Nekrozi: You can afflict others to be like you. You possess a touch that can slough the flesh from bone. Your very grasp can cause horrific deformations that leave bone and organs exposed.
            • Cost: 2 Vitae
            • Rolls: Manipulation + Medicine + Vigor v.s. Stamina + Blood Potency
            • Prerequisite: Obfuscate 4, Nightmare 4
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