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How do revenants find each other?

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  • How do revenants find each other?

    way it sounds in "Half Damned" a Newly emerged revenant needs to break the masquerade in some way to be found

    Any other possibletys?

    Does a Vampire Sense the existence of a revenent he created or is it all "One way" on blood sympathy?
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    I don't think it's explicitly stated, but Sires always have sympathy to their childer, and sympathy is generally mutual, so I'd say the Sire gets a +5.


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      Ideas how Revenent coteries find each other?


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        So this is totally homebrew, not taken from any official materials, but…

        Vampires have weak blood sympathy to their entire clan. Revenants have no clan. Perhaps revenants have that same weak level of blood sympathy to all other revenants? It's a faint and tenuous connection, but the extreme hunger and then frenzy that tends to happen at sunset is strong enough that all other revenants in the city can feel a tinge of it. Some revenants, lonely and desperate, recognize these sympathetic feelings and try to follow them, eventually coming across others like them.


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          Fair enough. But ideas on how Revenants find each other.

          meet each other at the fringes of Elysium?