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    The ones who cast you out
    "Poor fool, your New Dawn is going to be the Last Dawn you'll ever see."
    Years ago, in the 1520, there once was a man, who was not a man, but a thing wrought from dead flesh...but he was so very close to becoming one.
    So close was he, all he needed was to make one more step, one more step until he was whole, that his heart of Divine Fire becomes flesh truly.
    It would be one day, in the region known as Basque country, that his dream would be realised; all of his endeavours rewarded him with that one thing
    he so desperately craved; to be a true man, not a mockery wrought of death and hubris. So soon was this dream shattered like glass.
    Mere minutes after he had done this, breathing his first breaths as a true being, a shadow would sink its teeth into his neck
    and proceed to feed him its tainted vitae. Once more he was made a monster, only this time, there would be no New Dawn for him,
    only the endless night. It never stopped him from trying though, to once more free himself of his monstrosity. Centuries would pass, as
    his blood thickened, something strange would happen; his very presence began to irk the Court of the Prince of Navarre, until one day,
    an accidental misstep caused the Prince to Frenzy right there and then. This shocked the Navarre Kindred, for their Prince was normally
    a calm Kindred who, if rumour were to be believed, had never gave in to Frenzy in his life. Horrified by this event, the man, named Assar, would be
    cast out of Court under pain of Final Death...he would eventually encounter others like him; Kindred who had once been Created, who had attained
    the New Dawn, and had it snatched from them by the Embrace of a Vampire. So on that night, the Errefusatu Bloodline was born.

    Descended from those who had once been Prometheans only to have their New Dawn taken away, the Errefusatu are a Mekhet lineage who find themselves in an interesting predicament. Their existence is a balancing rope, where one false step results in the a great fall. Imagine that tight rope being the Bane of the Bloodline and the false step being a minor offense that triggers causes another Kindred to bay for your blood, and you will have the Requiem of a Lightning Rod. As much, most members of the Bloodline try their best to either make themselves as charming as possible amongst the Kindred, where their honeyed words might save them from someone who's blood they've roused...or they simply keep to the shadows like the rest of the Mekhet; after all, you can't drive someone to Frenzy if they do not know you are there. As such, members of the Bloodline are very closely monitored, since their very presence can be very disruptive to a Court with the veneer of being peaceful; it is not unheard of for Lightning Rods who draw too much ire to be cast out or simply executed, as was the case with one Rodrigo Salazar in the city of Madrid who had accidentally incited a mass Frenzy at a Carthian Slam Poetry gathering. Those Errefusatu who were once Created, for some of the Bloodline founders who still favour Childer who had underwent the New Dawn, find themselves divided into two camps; those who try again to reach their old lives' goal, and those who actively to seek out former Created to Embrace out of sheer spite; if they were denied their New Dawn, why should anyone else get the chance? Given the extreme rarity of the Created, the majority of the Bloodline is made up of those who've never even encountered a Promethean, let alone having previously lived as one.

    Why you want to be us
    Like any Bloodline that's out there, we Lightning Rods have our own little tricks that give us our own edge throughout our Requiem. Turns out, with our forebears, and myself, having once been Created, we've inherited their malleability, which manifests as what we Kindred know as Protean. Furthermore, like the Nosferatu, we regard each other truly as a family; if there's one other person that can understand you, and not subconsciously hate your guts, its another Errefusatu...and maybe the odd Kindred who's got a bit of our blood in them too. Also, if you're lucky enough to get your mitts on a Promethean, and with the right know-how, their Pyros-rich blood adds a little extra kick to your an invigorating draught of fine wine and medicine all rolled into one. Some of us can even draw power from feasting on Vitriol, though it can result in stain... as though we've committed Amaranth.

    Why you fear us
    Isn't it obvious? Our very presence irks you, for some reason or another, even if we've never met, we get under your skin. You dislike us, you think we're up to no good...and that maybe we are out to get you. Eventually, that little itch becomes a roaring burn as you resist the urge to let the Beast lash at us; all it takes is one little mistake, maybe one harmless little jab, and then before you know it, the Beast uses your rage to don your skin and strike at us. You fear us because we are living reminders that that which is within us all is always there, aching to get loose, to spill blood and reek merry havoc on any nearby. You also don't like that we have portion of our Created legacy within our blood as well, some of us can even share our woes, but to our chagrin, its always the damn Curse that gets tongues wagging.

    Why we should fear ourselves
    In the end, for us Lightning Rods, it is always our Bloodline Curse that defines us; indeed, how many other Kindred can say that they've pissed off everyone just by being there. Everything we do is handled with the delicacy of glass, lest our mistakes turn simple anger into a frothing rage. For those of us who were Created, its also a reminder of what we originally sought to leave behind; it reminds us that we spent much of our lives as outcasts, only to now have become outcasts among monsters, something that our Childer, who've never experienced the frustrations of Disquiet, are also regretfully dragged into.this morass. Sure we have our ways of easing it, but no one really wants to taste our Vitae do they? Nope, no one wants to be bound to a Lightning rod, lest they too are struck. For those of us who were Created, those who have achieved the New Dawn spike some interesting emotions within us; some of it is joy, the rest is envy...and that envy can become spite very easily.

    Parent Clan: Mekhet
    Nickname: The Lightning Rods
    Bloodline bane (The Fury Curse): From the moment of their joining the Bloodline, the Lightning Rod projects a peculiar aura, a lingering spark of the Divine Fire, that rouses the ire of the Beast within other Kindred. It manifests at first as a dislike for the Errefusatu, but it slowly grows into anger, and then hatred until it takes a single spark to ignite the entire volatile mixture. When interacting with other Kindred, the Lightning Rod suffers the same penalty for interacting with Humans at their current Humanity level. Furthermore, when a dramatic failure is rolled while socially interacting with other Kindred, the target must roll to resist Frenzy with the same dice penalty. Other Errefusatu and Kindred who are subject to a Blood Bond with the Lightning Rod are immune to this Bane, until the bond wears off with the latter. They also still retain the Clan Bane of the Mekhet.
    Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Obfuscate and Protean
    Bloodline Gift (Azothic Vitae): Due to their origins amongst former Prometheans, the blood of Errefusatu has some traces of the Divine Fire, and its interactions with Kindred Vitae have yielded some...intriguing results outside of their Bloodline Bane. The Errefusatu have a series of unique Devotions, and all of them start off with the Humour Sensorium Devotion. Furthermore, due to their spark, all Lightning Rods are immune to the effects of Disquiet and the psychological effects of a Wasteland (the environmental tilts still apply) and can also sense when a Promethean is present...the Promethean can also sense them as well. Naturally, only those of the Errefusatu line can draw upon these powers.

    The Covenants
    In spite of their Bloodline's inherent flaw, just as many Lightning Rods do their best to mingle in within Kindred society as there are many who keep themselves Unaligned. So far, due to their alchemical proclivities, many Errefusatu are found within the ranks of the Ordo Dracul; some are there to once more bring about a second New Dawn, whilst some seek to bring about a more inhuman variant of their ideal. Some Lightning Rods are found amongst the Carthians, where the Movement makes good use of their Bloodline Bane: what better way to discredit an Elder than to make it look as though she is incapable of controlling her Beast? They've also carved for themselves a niche amongst the Circle of the Crone as well, where the Fury Curse can be seen as a psychopomp's tool for bringing the Beast ever closer to the surface for their bloody rites. Generally, most Lightning Rods avoid the ranks of the Invictus and the Lancea et Sanctum; they both have stuffy social settings which heavily increase the odds of a Frenzy occurring at an improper time, which is truly the last thing they want. Though that's not to say that they cannot be found amongst these Covenants, but must be pretty skilled in walking the walk and talking the talk in order to successfully mingle.
    Azothic Vitae Devotions

    Humour Sensorium
    Due to the spark of the Divine Fire within their Vitae, combined with the attunement towards certain aspects of the Human psyche, a Lightning Rod becomes highly empathic, capable of picking up the emotions of any individual they meet. For the Errefusatu, it helps them instinctively know when another Kindred is about to Frenzy for the most well as giving them further material to work with when encountering others. The Lightning Rod rolls whenever they encounter a person or when a person's emotions, shift, particularly when they're about to Frenzy in the case of Kindred or whenever they spend Vitae to activate the ability.

    Cost: None, 1 Vitae when actively triggered,
    Dice Pool: Wits+Empathy+Auspex
    Action: Passive, Reflexive when triggered

    Roll Results
    Dramatic Failure: The Lightning Rod as overwhelmed by the surge of emotions, so much so that it temporarily it temporarily imprints into their psyche. The storyteller chooses a condition that fits in with the strongest emotion sensed.

    Failure: The Kindred is buffeted by a wave of emotion, and is unable to make sense of what he has received.

    Success: The Errefusatu is able to divine to the emotions that the a target is currently feeling. In the case of Kindred, they can also sense how close they are to Frenzy.

    Exceptional Success: Not only does the Lightning Rod get a strong read of the emotions experienced by the subject, they learn how to better work that emotion to their advantage; the Errefusatu gains the Informed Condition in regards to the emotion.

    Azothic Feast
    Protean 3

    Drawing upon their Promethean origin, the Lightning Rod can steal the Divine Fire that courses within the bodies of all Created, sustaining them alongside the Vitae that they extract. Furthermore, on a darker note, the Errefusatu can also drink of the Vitriol that forms within their victim's body and use it to elevate their own Vampiric condition. However, doing such a thing is considered by more moralistic Bloodline members as no better than Diablerie, with the proof of vileness of the deed being as though they themselves have committed the act upon a Kindred, thus bearing the taint on their souls. More spite-driven Lightning Rods argue that they are doing the Created a favour, sparing them the disappointment of a Pilgrimage that may never end. Either way, such an act has more corporeal risks, where the Divine Fire within the victim can potentially lash out against the consumer.

    Cost: None, see effects
    Dice Pool: None for standard usage, Resolve+Composure vs Resolve+Composure+Azoth
    Action: Reflexive

    Passive: Whenever the Kindred feeds from a Promethean, they can choose to also feed on their victim's Pyros as well as/instead of their Vitae per success on the feeding roll. Each Pyros taken counts as 1 extra point of Vitae upon consumption.

    Active: Through the expenditure of 1 Willpower point, the Errefusatu can choose to engage in a monstrous blend of Diablerie and the Lacuna where they engage in contested roll with the Promethean to consume their Vitriol. For every point the Vampire wishes to take, he must make the above-mentioned roll against the Created, as well as spend an additional point of Willpower. For each successful roll, a point of Vitriol is extracted which automatically plunges the Promethean into Torment, for each failure, the Vampire takes Lethal damage equal to the amount he failed by. A dramatic failure turns that lethal damage into Aggravated Damage rounded down by 1/2 (to a minimum of 1) as the Divine Fire scorches the Vampire's very being. Through taking at least one point of Vitriol, the Vampire suffers the conditions associated with Diablerie, including the taint that can be picked up by Auspex; they also suffer the effects of their victim's Torment for 1 day equal to the Promethean's total Azoth. Each point of Vitriol taken counts an Experience towards the drinker's next purchase of Blood Potency.
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    I love this! My only questions are what happens when other Clans decide to Embrace Prometheans? What makes it so that even those they Embrace become tainted this way? Maybe the group being a more Promethean/Kindred hybrid specific anomaly with the blood than a Clan specific one could be a little experimental.
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