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Bloodline Conversion Yagnata

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  • Bloodline Conversion Yagnata

    LOVE the feel of the bloodline Aristocrats from an improbable clan.

    but wondered how theyd fit in 2nd edition.

    Especialy their bloodline weakness hows it interact with the Mystery of the Voivode?

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    I didn't do a full conversion in my game, but changed their weakness to being repelled by crosses and crucifixes: they need to spend willpower to voluntarily come within (10 - Humanity) meters, and if a weapon specifically marked with a cross breaks their skin, they take (10 - Humanity) bashing damage on top of what the weapon would normally do. Which is why they are very, very careful not to let the Sanctified find out that weakness…


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      For a full conversion, all they really need are some fun Dominate+Nightmare devotions, or perhaps Dominate+Vigor. A more forceful touch than the Ventrue use, perhaps?


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        an idea for a concept? "Slave of fear" That lets you have someone so afraid off you that they will obey you abjectly

        hard to see how it would work mechanicly.