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the tiafa bloodline questions

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  • the tiafa bloodline questions

    reading through their abilities, I'm a bit confused. are they exclusive to them only or can the invictus use it in general? Also, does anyone have any homebrew ideas for them, I would like to have a more pack like bent to their majesty abilities when used against other Vampires

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    Honestly the Kerberos mechanics aren't a bad fit for the Taifa. (Remember when they were first written, Lashing Out didn't exist.) I could see taking the Kerberos mechanics with Taifa flavor without a problem. If not, give them some Resilience-Majesty or Animalism-Majesty devotions?

    In a 1e game, those Oaths are generally only known by Taifa, but can be taught to others.


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      that's not half bad using flavored kerberos mechanics. As for devotions, I've always thought mostly animalism and majesty devotions would be cool as to show how they represent "regal" creatures in a more raw, primal way
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