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Whats a Torpid Kindreds Household to do?

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    You could probably get away with no boon if it's an arrangement with a childe or sire or dynasty (you look after my affairs while I am in torpor for ten years, I look after your affairs while you're in torpor for ten years - rota system). Alternatively, you would have to make some public pact or boon in my eyes, not necessarily for looking after your affairs - but for their willingness to part with what you've given them once you wake up. Temporarily, they're going to be more influential depending on what they're exactly looking after. For example, if you're giving them a bunch of old, prized ghouls to look after, along with a notable herd and domain, on top of that some influence within human society like the police or a branch of government or an affluent business, the one looking after your affairs is being given some extra clout right there. On top of that, if they're a person of their word, they're likely to be close allies with you even when they give your stuff back, although I can see wars over domain being waged over minders being greedy and duplicitous.
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