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    I don't feel like these monsters are particularly well suited to be PCs, but if you insist on that, you should probably try to stick close to the default Clan/Bloodline mold, perhaps more so than you currently have.

    You could turn them into a Bloodline if you want them to be PCs. I feel like the Mekhet would be a good basis for these guys. That means their base Disciplines would be Auspex, Celerity, Obfuscate. I would give them Nightmare as their 4th Discipline, and then build some unique Devotions that combine the powers of Auspex and Nightmare.

    Their unique bloodline bane would probably be a copy of the Nosferatu's clan bane (the Lonely Curse) with perhaps the "causes headaches to the people around them when they're hungry" in addition to that.

    Because bloodlines always get a bloodline gift, you could turn your original Blush of Life idea (blush of life making them look perfectly normal) into their bloodline gift (but because it kinda diminishes their cool freakish physical appearance, perhaps counterbalance that by ruling that when they use Blush of Life, they can't use their Nightmare Discipline and Devotions relying on Nightmare. Perhaps to further encourage them to reveal their freakish faces to their victims, rule that if they show their true form, they get a +2 dice bonus on all Nightmare-related rolls. This could all be part of their bloodline gift.
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      Possibly try playing around with having them tied to specific organizations. A mystery cult related bloodline that is open to multiple Clans.


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        What about a central group with the potential to break off into differing mutations or Strains? I like the word strain better


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          It's already explained in the OP that the C'Thrash is not really Kindred, and I think trying to fit them into the Clan/Bloodline structure will limit the stated intentions quite a bit. I think the best bet is making them their own thing, basing them on Kindred and diverging where fitting. That would make them similar to some entries in Night Horrors: The Wicked Dead but only in that they also have partial basis in Kindred. Nothing says you couldn't do that and not have them still be playable.
          Just be warned that the more you diverge the more work it'll be. Each design decision requires quite a bit of thought if you want to make them fun to play and fit into your chosen themes.

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            Thanks for the input Tessie. This actually started out as something to scribble on in my spare time so the work doesn’t really daunt me, but I agree with you. This will take some thought


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              Perhaps you could turn it into some kind of alien parasite that enhanced and mutates existing Kindred into C'Thrashi? Your original write up already reminded me of such a parasite. Night Horrors - The Wicked Dead already has two examples of similar types of viruses/parasites, but yours could potentially be cooler.

              What if any Kindred clan could get this parasite, and the parasite would slowly corrupt their appearance, change their behavior, change the way they embrace childer, and give them some unique Lovecraftian powers in the form of a 4th entirely new Discipline that's only available to the Kindred infected with the C'Tharsh parasite? Similar perhaps to how Malkavia and Dementation is handled in Ventrue - Lords of the Damned, so that might also be a good place to look.


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                That’s one idea. I had ideas of a mortal based, kindred based, and maybe one culled from a dead host.

                How I would delineate between the three would be the kicker.

                I have also been working on giving them something similar to the beast called the aberrant which would theoretically be the lingering consciousness of the blood worm or the source of the blood worms. So far I have an idea for the wrathful aberrant and the indolent aberrant, Still thinking of a third.