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overarching bloodline themes

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  • overarching bloodline themes

    I'm sure everyone else has noticed, but what would y'all say are the themes associated with the bloodlines of the 5 clans. my opinion is

    Gangrel: fairly diverse actually, mainly a theme on animalistic aspects like being a pack, or having your territory, to even supernatural things such as those luck stealers (which can be associated with crafty animals and black cats)

    Ventrue: mainly different types of rulers of the Caligula type

    daeva: associated with different kinds of beauty, vice, and even rulers at times

    nosferatu: explores the inhuman monster aspects of the vampires like noctoku, and even lovecraftian like the galloi

    mekhet: definitely the more magical supernatural aspects, whether subtle like the like the alucinor or overt like the sangiovanni. sometimes can be overt like the nosferatu in being absolute monstrosities like the norwegi. definitely the most diverse of the lot

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    don't forget Yangata That REALLY turn Nosferatu stereotypes on their head


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      most definitely, utter gentleman they are