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I wrote and developed Vampire for 12 years. This is how to do it.

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  • I wrote and developed Vampire for 12 years. This is how to do it.

    BITE ME: How to Write Vampire

    Hey, folx. I know it's been a while. A weird while.

    But after talking with Eddy and Matt, I decided to do a launch product for Storyteller's Vault. A lot of people (hopefully you!) are going to want to develop your own books for it, and so I'm turning over my holy of holies. My personal guide to writing for the game.

    I want to share what works, how it works, and when to use it. What every element of the core setting is and means.

    That's what BITE ME is. It's a tight, clear book that passes on whatever it is I've learned about the loving dead.

    Thank you for all these strange, red years. Take this and lead us to many more.

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    Rose,you Rock!


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      I'd LOVE to see books like these from all the past and present line developers.


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        Originally posted by Florin View Post
        I'd LOVE to see books like these from all the past and present line developers.
        Lookin' at you, Satyros.


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          Sick! That's awesome Rose!

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            Reading through this, I'm quite pleased. I particularly like the "5 years later" addendums, which really resonated with how I like to view Vampire. Thank you.

            Any plans to expand this idea into other game lines, or from other devs?
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              Thank you so much, Rose. This is really wonderful.

              Edit: Just want to add -- in the past I've found it difficult to keep the tone/feel of VTR in line with what I really love about the core book. Like my head would slip into a very slightly different genre when playing (a touch too B movie here, a little too grimdark there). I found that calling to mind certain pieces of in-universe fiction helped to get me in the right mindset. Bruise Minor taking the vinculum and Scratch visiting his granddaughter in Hunger Like Fire; Kevin's story in Kiss of the Succubus; The Bandaged Man in The Beast that Haunts the Blood.

              I picked these apart to inform my games and how I respond as an ST, but it can be inexact.

              This guide articulates how Requiem works. I don't know that I will submit to the Vault, but I know my games will be better for it.
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                I'd love something similar for Demon as I'm prepping a game. Anyways, snagging this now

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                  This book is the true Guide to the Night in my opinion. This little book, while shorter and more to the point, already contains more useful stuff than the entirety of Guide to the Night. BITE ME is everything I hoped it would be, so I'm definitely happy with this purchase!
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                    Thank you Rose! I'm looking forward to this... definitely goes on the holiday list!