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Lets Create New Sorcery Rituals and Miracles.

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  • Lets Create New Sorcery Rituals and Miracles.

    two new ideas popped into my head while I was out last week or so.

    both I think Qualify as Cruac.

    both take effect next time you drain a victim dry.

    First causes your victim to decompose to dust like a vampire.

    Second guarantees they rise as a revenant (with normal humanity rolls for creating one)

    Thinking the first helps you murder people discreetly.

    Second can be used as a vindictive punishment against Sons of Phobos, Ashwood Abbey, or Magisters of the Economy. to "Put them in their place"

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    I interesting ideas.

    It is a time for great deeds!


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      Wondered... should the Revenant ritual be performed before going out for the night or let it be used on a corpse?

      Since people they want to "Put in their place" often may not be neatly drained dry.

      just a thought.


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        The decomposition ritual wouldn't work without additional clarification. Vampires don't poof to dust. They rapidly decompose to the state they would've been in if they had been dead for that long. It's quite rare for vampires to reach the dust stage, and would be impossible for a mortal since they haven't spent any time as dead.

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          fair point Had thought about 'consumes them with fire' but decided that could get too messy .

          just thought that leaving no body behind, would be something welcome to many Vampires.


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            I recently did my own conversion of the Sangiovanni, and I decided to give them their own unique type of sorcery called Cattiveria (which used to be a normal Discipline in 1e, but I figured that it being a type of Blood Sorcery made more sense).

            Some of these are direct conversions of the Sangiovanni's Discipline in 1e, some are made up by myself. Feel free to take a look and adapt these rituals for your chronicles as you see fit. Feedback would be very welcome:



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              you don't think it would work as Cruac?


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                Originally posted by Prince of the Night View Post
                you don't think it would work as Cruac?

                Assuming your question is directed at me and the fact I gave the Sangiovanni their own type of sorcery: I think it could easily work as Cruac or as Theban Sorcery, whichever you see fit. I just chose to turn it into a different type of sorcery that's somewhere between Cruac and Theban Sorcery and takes inspiration from both, for lore reasons.

                If you want to adapt these Cattiveria rituals to Cruac or Theban Sorcery, you can easily do so with minimal changes. In fact, that's why I posted this here.


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                  good to know.

                  What do you think of idea of cursing a Member of Sons of Phobos or Ashwood Abbey with existence as a Revenant?