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  • Brainstorm ghosts for haunted hospital

    I know ghosts are more of a Geist thing, but the 2e books haven't been released yet and the scenario I'm working on will be for a Requiem chronicle. In the scenario, the characters will be investigating an abandoned hospital full of ghosts. The hospital in question is Charity Hospital in New Orleans. It was famous for it's care of the poor and homeless, as well as the terminally ill. In the scenario, a powerful entity (a ghost or something else) is feeding on the energy of all the other ghosts in the hospital. The characters have to deal with the lesser ghosts to weaken the big bad enough to defeat it in the climactic final scene. I'm trying to come up with ideas for ghosts (who they are, what they do, how to banish them (peacefully or forcefully), etc), as well as ghostly events the characters can encounter while wandering the hospital. Does anyone happen to have any ideas they'd like to share for things I can use to scare the fangs off a group of neonate vampires?

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    I'm guessing you have access to one of the 2e books with the ephemeral entities rules? If not, the God-Machine Chronicle Rules Update can be downloaded for free.

    How humans deal with ghosts is usually by either resolving their Anchors (which is revealed in Geist 2e previews will make the ghost stop suffering Essence bleed and be free to go wherever it wants), destroy their Anchors (which makes them seek out another Anchor if they have one or be forced into the Underworld due to not being protected against Essence bleed) or through a set of rites that any humans can do.
    Vampires can likely do most of them with the possible exception of Abjuration which is based on having an Integrity trait. You could just rule that you can substitute with Humanity if that's what you prefer. The other relevant rituals are Excorcism, Binding and Warding. All three of them uses the ghost's Bane and/or Ban to force it to disappear, become stuck or become unable to enter, respectively. These rules should be written after the Numina list in whatever book you have.
    You could also just use the ghost's Bane and/or Ban to directly assault the ghost, forcing it to discorporate (which generally only is temporary unless it's also out of Essence) or force some sort of behaviour depending on its Ban.

    The GMC Rules Update (for free on Drive-Thru-RPG) also contains rules for supernatural equipment. The ones relevant to ghosts would be two sensors, salt and gravedirt.

    Edit: As for what specifically vampires can do that others can't, not that much. The Khaibit Bloodline that was posted on the blog can, but would likely trivialise the whole thing and draw all attention and action to the Khaibit player.
    Otherwise, if you're not averse to home brewing, both types of Blood Sorcery should contain rituals that can do the same things as the human rituals (except the summoning ritual would be a compulsion rather than just an invitation as the human summoning rite) as well as doing stuff like granting opportunities of two-way communication with ghosts and to see them while in Twilight. See the rituals I've included in the Stygian bloodline linked in my signature.
    There might also be Scales that do similar things, but their Mystery wouldn't be one of the published ones.

    Edit 2: Links:
    GMC Rules Update (free)
    Khaibit (unpolished bloodline update)
    The Stygians (fan bloodline)
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      As Tessie said the rules for ghosts are in GMC update and the CofD mortal core book so I would recommend getting access to one of them. The predator that is eating the other ghosts is probably best handed without to many rules since vampires aren’t designed to interact with such things and you can’t rely on players to figure out how to affect it.


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        Watch Murder House or Hotel ( season 1 or season 5) of American Horror Story for ideas on some ghosts’ personalities, motivations, and how they may interact with vampires. (A major plot line of Season 5 entails a ghost’s relationship with a vampire.) Watch Supernatural for ideas on getting rid of them.


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          Ah, sorry, I do appreciate the information (gave me a few things to think about. I'm going to have to dig out the Geist 2e previews to see what info I can nab from them), but I realize now my original post was very unclear. I was mainly looking for ideas on the kinds of ghosts that would populate a haunted hospital like Charity hospital in New Orleans. I have some myself, but I'm interested to see if anyone else has ideas for interesting ghosts they'd like to share.


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            If you have access to the Geist manuscript I would definitely make the main antagonist a geist who feeds on the other ghosts by committing ectophagia. It forces the other ghosts (most would probably be Rank 1 to make them more manageable though I would also throw in a Rank 2 or two that can use Manifestations to warn or ask the PCs for help) to the hospital even if they didn't originally haunt it by seeking up their Anchors and bringing them to the hospital. The ghosts would be forced to remain or they would start suffering Essence bleed. Geists are immune to Essence bleed so it's free to seek out new ghosts on the regular whenever it wants.

            Rank 1 ghosts: Some would naturally not do anything, while others might use Image or a single Numen if they feel their Anchor is threatened. If you want ghosts from people who died while the hospital was active, they'd be among these ones.

            Rank 2 ghosts: These guys know that they are threatened the geist but have limited capabilities of doing anything (or they wouldn't be chosen as live stock for the geist). They can choose to ask the PCs for help using whatever Manifestations and Numina (Image+Awe, Hallucination, Implant Mission) they have access to, but if they are found out the geist might just kill them for being too much trouble to keep around.

            Geist: The ghost warden. I would have the geist not be at the hospital at first, allowing the cognisant ghosts more freedom to ask or warn the PCs. When it arrives it might use the Key of Stillness as an Influence, muting communications with the other ghosts and causing a general sense of dread or helplessness. I think that Key works with its chosen hide out.

            Bloodline: The Stygians
            Ordo Dracul Mysteries: Mystery of Smoke, Revised Mystery of Živa
            Mage The Awakening: Spell Quick Reference (single page and landscape for computer screens)


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              Well historically it’s one of the oldest hospitals in the U. S., the hospital has also been built, torn down, burned down, rebuilt, renovated, relocated, and repurposed several times in its history. Depending on the time frame, you could people it with the ghosts of corrupt bureaucrats, nuns who originally helped administrate it, a philanthropist or three that donated or actively worked to keep it open during their lifetime.


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                The ghost of someone who died in that hospital after an accident, only they don't realize they are dead and they weren't the only one in the accident. Now they wander the halls trying to find out what happened to the other people in the car or whatever. They are mostly a nuisance ghosts, moving papers around, leaving doors open or closing them, that sort of thing. You resolve them by either proving that the person/s they are looking for died, or that they have already left the hospital and are living their lives.

                The ghost of someone who died from injuries from a violent confrontation, now they wander the halls looking for the other participants to finish the job. They might pick new people to step in for opponents long gone, or if their opponents left the hospital alive maybe they now seek revenge on the doctors who saved that prick but not them. They might be talked down (repent my son), taken out forcefully, or shown that their enemies came to a bad end after all.

                The ambulance chaser. This bottom feeder haunted the hospital while he was still alive, always searching for that one big law suit that would make his career. Now that he's dead he is still there and he isn't above minor sabotage to improve a case, a little medical malpractice to spice things up. Either convince him that he is going to court for that one big case or serve him with a cease and desist order signed by a judge he actually knew.

                The spectator of pain. This guy was fascinated by suffering and blood and when alive he would frequently hang out just to watch. Now that he is dead he doesn't have to stay outside the doors anymore and his increased exposure has upped the level of suffering required to satisfy his craving, so he sometimes "helps thing along". Find a way to make him share the pain, and not just as a spectator.

                The dedicated orderly. This guy faithfully did his job while he was alive and death hasn't stopped him. Only problem is he's no longer in the chain of command so he tends to mess things up, delivering the wrong drugs to a patient, moving people to the wrong room, mostly harmless annoyances. Throw him a retirement party, giving him the recognition his dedication deserves.

                The junkie. This poor soul just needs a fix and stealing drugs from the hospital is a whole lot easier than it used to be. I don't know, how do you fix a junkie?
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                  The Nurse Ratched ghost. Typically, an angry and controlling ghost. Has a freezing cold spot wherever she goes and even the other ghosts are terrified of her. Can steal the warmth right out of your flesh.