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    Hello all,

    I'm going back to my home town tonight and tomorrow some friend of mine want me to master an one - shot (I call it one -shot but could also be more than one session. But still very few session as I need to leave back on the 28th).
    6 players (that for me it's quite hard to handle and figure out some challenging events - 6 vamps ... o my god).
    My problem is, as 2 of them are my old player (we played together almost 3 years), I can't re use some old piece of chronicles. Could you provide me with some tips or suggest?
    I would need some tips on the following topics:

    - Why 6 kindred should collaborate forming a coterie: As it is a one shot I do not have time to let them built relationship in game. I was thinking they could be the progeny of some sects member, like Inconnu, using them as pawns letting them happening things so that they would move following the direction the Inconnu wants. Examples: The touchstone of one of them were killed by someone close to an enemy of their Sires, .. ecc.
    - I would let them (as the most part is new of Vampire) to start with an epic scene. Like invading the territory of an elder and fucking their mind with Obfuscate 5 or Nightmare tricks (not directly fight with the elder). Maybe this could be used to build up the final enemy of the One - Shot. Maybe, during this scene, I was thinking to use a trick I've already succesfully used at least two times in the past. Someone, with shape of an enemy, running through one of the new player. He would be probably killing him, discovering to just have killed someone dear to him (maybe the person they were there to save for?
    - Any kind of tips on how to handle 6 kindred would be appreciate. My groups were at max made by 3-4 players.

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    Give them multiple objectives (something appropriate to their covenant or clan choices) but they can only complete one due to the time sensitive nature.
    You could also split them into two different coteries and have them compete to finish the objective first.
    Retrieve an object or character for two (or more) different NPCs of relatively equal status they would want to curry favor with but they can only give the item or person to one party.

    They all come out of daysleep each with memories of having frenzied and killing someone significant the night before.
    According to the general news, that person is missing or dead with conflicting reports as to who is the perpetrator. They need to figure out what happened on threat of a collective final death sentence or blood hunt as co conspirators. (The person faked their death and spent decades setting it up. Or they were kidnapped or murdered in another plot that took decades to set up.)