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Homebrew: The Children of Judas

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  • Homebrew: The Children of Judas

    Here's my take on the Children of Judas, originally presented in Bloodlines: the Legendary (though this version isn't quite a Bloodline). Content warning: suicide.

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    (Updated to add a devotion and some potential twists to bring in.)


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      I love grimdark stuff. I love tragedies. And I have a really thick skin. The topic of suicide is close to me, but not so close that I can't handle it. In fact, the 'bent neck lady' arc in The Haunting of Hill House was my favorite arc of that Netflix series. But even I find the Children of Judas... difficult to swallow. That's not your fault of course, because I already didn't like the original write up, and if anything, I think your conversion made them better.

      Still, this is not a bloodline I would ever want to play. These guys would make great antagonists, I'd love to play as a mortal enthralled to one of these monsters. But playing one of them would be a little too much for me.


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        I really love it. You expanded the theme of the Bloodline while staying true to the original material. I will use it in my games.


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          Thank you both! I'm glad you appreciate it!

          Yeah, the Children of Judas areā€¦really fucking dark. I don't think I could ever play one as a PC; this writeup was created for an antagonist NPC in my game. (He's the one who wrote the story about God wanting to die, actually.)


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            Wow I never came across the original but that is dark as hell and excellent story fodder if your table can handle it!


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              Thank you! In this case, that's high praise!