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  • Poll: Favorite Clan

    After my other poll asking to vote for your favorite covenant, I suppose I might as well make one for the clans.

    What is your favorite clan and why?


    I left out the Julii and any of the lost clans on purpose. This is purely between the modern clans found in the VtR 2e core rules book.

    Mine, as you might have guessed, is clan Ventrue. I start by saying that my username and avatar are meant to be completely ironic, I love clan Ventrue, but not because of their 'swagger' or 'playboy' image (which is arguably more the domain of clan Daeva anyway). What I like about clan Ventrue is how it combines a bunch of tropes I'm fond of.

    The Ventrue are the typical mobsters, the mafia bosses, the Machiavellian corporate CEOs, the billionaire lobbyists who control what happens on the streets from their ivory towers while their butler serves them a wine glass filled with blood. The Ventrue at his peak doesn't worry about trivial matters such as the hunt. He barely even remembers that blood comes from living human beings. The Ventrue is aware that the glass he just got served was filled with the blood of his least favorite ghoul, who just got beheaded in the kitchen downstairs for being a traitor, but the Ventrue doesn't care. He has bigger fish to fry. What's one less ghoul to him? He will be replaced, soon enough.

    The Ventrue are monsters not because they drink the blood of the living, but because they embody every stereotype of the cold, heartless, corrupt, scheming, power-hungry CEO, president, mafia boss or lobbyist. While that might be a stereotype, and while not every Ventrue is like that, it's exactly this stereotype I enjoy playing so much, because it's so incredibly evil, but also because deep down, we all know that these types of people, these types of monsters, they are real. The cold heartless CEO who only cares about the numbers? He exists. The power-hungry mafia boss? He's real. The corrupt lobbyist? All too real. The Ventrue just take it to the next level.
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    i voted for mekhet of course. filling the role of the smart guy and stealthiness , just what i like.


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      I will as always be a partisan for the Daeva. I have a preference for characters with strong emotional reactions to things and the Daeva fit that bill quite nicely.

      That said the Daeva and the Ventrue have always fit what made vampires interesting to me. A social predator that can hide in plain sight and make you obey them or WANT to obey them. I play this game for the social aspects and these two clans seem the best at it.


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        The Mekhet are so cool, you don't even know it.

        You didn't see how cool it was when they rigged this poll.

        You can't conceive how awesome the thing you're helping them summon is, once the results of the poll conform with ancient Egyptian numerology.

        You don't know how rad they look standing right behind you. Just. Watching.

        (The Ventrue are also good.)

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          Mekhet all the way as seems to be a common opinion.


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            Nosferatu for me. they perhaps have it the toughest in the social arena that is the all night society, but they pull through with brutality, stealth, and pure fear. Not to mention they can be some of the most introspective and monstrous of vampires


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              At some point, the Nosferatu became my favorite and I still can't quite say how. They are followed up by the Daeva, and then probably the Gangrel.

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                Whether it be across old or new, Clan Nosferatu has always been my favorite. I've always really enjoyed vampires as introspective creatures, and the Nosferatu's curse facilitates that quite well. The Nosferatu also embodying that terrible monster just out of sight who picks the group off one by one is also a plus.


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                  Nos for me. I really love the pathos in a Nos coming to terms with their clan identity.

                  Take someone with a normal set of morals, with a normal aversion to violence, and turn them into a vampire. They lose their job, but hey, they can probably stay in their Touchstone's basement. Maybe they can pay their touchstone back by stealing things for him -- steal all of the groceries! But eventually, the Touchstone will have to bleed. But one person can't produce seven dots of blood a week. Two, maybe, three tops. So they'll need a friend to contribute to the cause! Maybe fill the gaps by trolling clubs for couples in dark corners who look high. No one needs to notice.

                  But the kiss is such a personal, intimate experience, maybe their Touchstone gets jealous. The Nos has to betray the most important person in their life, or else risk doing real harm to their Touchstone. Or maybe their Touchstone just gets sick of bleeding. They feel suffocated -- the Nos is emotionally and financially dependent on him, and on top of that is sucking his blood? Fuck that, go eat somewhere else.

                  So maybe the Nos wheedles and begs and gets a little abusive. Maybe they fight and the Nos uses Nightmare 1 on 'accident' a few times. But they can't stand turning into that kind of person, so the Nos looks for a new solution. Can't put someone they love under a vinculum, because it's evil. And all along, in the back of their head, they know it could be so much easier... But they resist it and try to build a herd. A couple of fuck buddies who can be gaslit into thinking it was just rough sex.* Look for people passed out at parties. But whether it's spent convinsing the Nos's FWB that of course they do really like them that way or just spent trolling for easy marks, this takes a lot of time.

                  Eventually something is going to break. One of the herd calls out sick, the weather's so bad that nobody's out partying, a bigger vamp claims the Nos's territory for their own. Whatever. Eventually, they'll be hungry with no nice way to feed. So the Nos finally breaks and gets scary and strong, and takes what they need from some homeless dude. Afterwards, the Nos feels sad and self-hating and promises to never do it again, not ever. But they always remember how easy it was and how nice it felt to not be hungry.

                  How long before the Nos finally slips? How much constant frustration and failure is it going to take to make them take the easy way? What will make the Nos say fuck it, stalk someone in an expensive suit, force them under a vinculum, terrify the thrall into keeping his mouth shut, and start taking blood and money?

                  And when that finally happens, how does the Curse embody itself? And how long does the Nos's aversion to harming others last when their very presence makes people uncomfortable?*

                  * And remember, this is no time to be picky about your partners. So swipe right.
                  * Oh God, how does it feel when your Touchstone flinches whenever you're around? It's not like they're immune to the effects of the curse. Touchstones are just slightly more understanding than others.


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                    Finally the Nosferatu are getting some love!

                    While the Ventrue are my favorite, the Nosferatu are my 2nd favorite clan! It was disheartening to see the Nosferatu in last place in the poll. Glad to see they aren't the outcast among players as well!


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                      Daeva for sure.


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                        Daeva of course, they win me over with their strong passions and sinuous grace. The perfect predator doesn't have to chase its prey.


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                          Originally posted by Shawarbaaz View Post
                          Daeva of course, they win me over with their strong passions and sinuous grace. The perfect predator doesn't have to chase its prey.
                          But if they choose to chase their prey, Celerity sure makes it easy.

                          And oh yeah, Daeva totally favorite


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                            Am unemployed with MS I'll never escape poverty unless I win publishers clearing house.


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                              Why are you people not voting Nosferatu?

                              Slugging somebody in the face with the full force of a Vigor infused blow, while completely undetectable to mortal senses... then, as your Obfuscate drops, you hit them with a blast of Nightmare, as they're still reeling from the surprise attack!
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