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  • Cyber Requiem for Neon Rome

    Last night I was thinking about how much I missed Vampire and never really got to run or play in a Requiem for Rome game, and I had a Carpenter Brut song stuck in my head. What resulted from this in my hypomania was suddenly a way to reconcile it: What if Requiem for Rome, but neon cyberpunk?

    Specifically, in the style of Shakespeare adaptations like Coriolanus and others, that transplant the plot in a modern context but keep all the same Elizabethan dialogue and references. So the culture, naming, and aesthetic stays but we replace it with a Shadowrun-esque take on Rome and the Necropolis.

    Equestrian gangs on bike roam the countryside on the paved roads. Aqueducts and hydroelectric dam infrastructure is the key to a ranging corporate empire where the line between business, monarchy, and democracy is irrelevant. Destruction derby style "chariot" (hot rod) racing in the Hippodrome is the major blood sport, with Greens and Blues killing each other in the streets over their rivalries. Arcologies on the seven hills tower over more primitive, stone-and-brick tenements and slums. No cell phones, but pay phones and party-line "forums." Old Shadowrun style "decks" called "augurs" and replace "hacker" with "haruspex" giving it religious and magical overtones, using AR rather than VR as the major overlay.

    For the vampire side of things, the Senex obviously gets a corporate/board feel. Obviously, the Cult of Augurs gets a hacker/technologist workover from the above, I would also go full Second Descent from the CoC book personally. The Peregrine Collegiate would fit in personally, and the Legio Mortuum could be more police than military, with riot shields and shock batons rather than testudos and gladiuses.

    Cognomen even provide a sort of analogue to having street names and the like that are common in that fiction.