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Requiem 2e revised edition?

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  • Requiem 2e revised edition?

    A number of times now I've seen something mentioned along the lines of "the developers of Requiem 2e meant a rule to be one way, but it's not like that in the actual rule book / it didn't make it into the rule book." and not everyone knows the FAQ exists. Also, the book is, what, 6+ years old now? I don't think the book needs a whole new 3rd edition, but I would love to see a revised version of 2e. Reorganize the book a bit, adjust the layout, include the FAQ stuff, and make some tweaks and adjustments. Does anyone else feel the same? Has this topic already been brought up and done to death before?

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    It hasn't specifically been brought up for Requiem 2e to death. But in general, Onyx Path is hesitant to significantly revise books that have are available in physical print, because they don't want people that bought the book and prefer physical copies to have to buy the book again, while the pdf would be updated for free.


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      Honestly I'd be happy with an expanded FAQ that covers some of the other common questions that have come up over the years.

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        Extremely unlikely. The demand for erratas for different CofD books has been vocal over the last few years, but Onyx Path, to my knowledge, hasn't even addressed the possibility of releasing post-release errata documents even though separate documents wouldn't introduce any discrepancies between physical and digital copies, or require additional layout passes in case of additional or removed lines. They've adhered to a pretty strict release-and-forget approach to their books.
        I'm pretty sure even the old FAQ was written/compiled by Rose Bailey on her initiative and without compensation from Onyx Path.

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          Well that's a real shame. Ah well, I guess it's good that an faq for Requiem exists at all then.


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            Rose = awesome this is proven fact.