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Two New Mysteries

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  • mikerand
    started a topic Two New Mysteries

    Two New Mysteries

    I made the outlines for two new mysteries. These are rough drafts and I did not create Scales for them yet. Let me know what you think.

    Mystery of Maleficis

    Dragons that study the Mystery of Maleficis are drawn to discipline powers and ways to increase their usability. They seek to understand the various permutations of vitae and can command frightening variations of disciplines.

    No Side Effects
    When a Dragon fails a discipline roll this suppresses all tell-tale hints of this happening. All hallucinatory supernatural effects do not occur – there are no sensory cues to this failure.

    •• Let’s get Physical
    When using a physical discipline (Vigor, Celerity, Resilience, or Praestantia)’s active effect that consumes Vitae, that effect now lasts for two rounds instead of one round. For example, if a Dragon with Celerity uses the Multiply Speed variation – they may spend a Vitae and now move for two rounds at that super speed.

    ••• Chain Discipline
    The Dragon with this Coil can now impact two targets with their disciplines. This Coil only works on disciplines with a single target, the discipline must allow a resistance roll, neither target can be the Dragon themselves, and the Dragon has to state whether they are using the discipline normally or “chained” before making any rolls. Further, the Dragon has to designate the primary and secondary target before rolling. In all ways both targets must be legal targets for the Dragon to select.

    The primary target will receive a +4 to their resistance roll and the secondary target will receive a +6 to their resistance roll when a discipline is “chained” on them.

    •••• Make it Work
    When a Dragon with this Coil uses a discipline against a vampire they count their Blood Potency as one less (to a minimum of 0) for the Resistance roll. This has no effect on humans, but other Supernatural creatures also subtract one from their Resistance roll on their appropriate supernatural traits (Werewolve’s Primal Urge or a Promethean’s Azoth, etc.).

    ••••• Mysteries of the Blood
    A Dragon with this Coil designates one of their Clan disciplines (this decision is permanent and may not be changed later). The Dragon may now treat this discipline as a first Mystery for XP purposes when using a Wyrm’s Nest with a Crucible. Basically the Dragon may purchase dots in this discipline for 2 XP instead of 3 XP just as if it were their first Mystery. All normal rules for using a Crucible apply.

    ************************************************** *****

    Mystery of Lapis Lydius

    Closely related to the Mystery of Ziva and sometimes also seen as heretical by the Ordo Dracul, the Mystery of Lapis Lydius focuses on the bond between a Dragon and their touchstones – increasing their potential and usability.

    Group Hug
    A Dragon with this Coil is entitled to two free touchstones instead of one. If the Dragon purchases the Touchstone merit they may continue to add multiple touchstones as usual.

    ••Ties that Bind
    The Dragon’s bonus to detachment rolls from having an attached touchstone is now +3 or +4 if you have more than one touchstone.

    ••• Defending as Necessary
    If the Dragon defends their attachment to a touchstone they gain a point of Willpower back as usual, but also gain the Inspired condition.

    ••••Thicker than Blood
    If a Dragon loses their last touchstone, they do not need to lose a Humanity dot in order to gain an extra month in order to find a new touchstone. They automatically have a month in order to locate a new touchstone, but will still gain the Languid condition if this is not done.

    While the Dragon has no touchstone their penalty to detachment rolls is now -1 instead of -2.

    ••••• Love Eternal
    The Dragon may now ghoul one (and only one) of their touchstone and still feel a strong tie to their humanity (same mechanical effects as non-ghoul touchstones). If the Dragon embraces this ghoul they still lose the individual as a touchstone.

  • Ventrue Life
    I think +4 and +6 for the "chain targets" is a little much. I'd suggest +2 and +4 personally.

    Or if you want to reduce the amount of rolls happening (and thus saving time), have the contest be between the user and the person with the highest resistance dice pool, and have the user get a -2 penalty on his roll and the contesting target get a +2 on hers. If the user succeeds, both targets are affected. If the user fails, neither target is affected and it automatically counts as a dramatic failure.

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  • Live Bait
    I'm suprised Maleficis doesn't have a spend a Vitie to gain +2 dice to a roll option but they're both quite good.

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