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    Originally posted by KieranMullen View Post
    One possible moral to the story: don't enter fights alone if you can avoid it. When Victor is grappling you, have Bud shoot him in the face.
    While outnumbering your opponent is a huge advantage regardless of how you fight, bringing a gun to a melee also tends to grant advantages to the gunman who gets to ignore Defense and deal lethal, possibly with a higher damage modifier than melee weapons.
    However, bringing a gun to a grapple while outnumbering your opponent might actually simply reduce the grappler's advantage rather than give you any. If the grappler has Clinching Strike (deal successes bashing when initiating a grapple) and Hard Surfaces (can use damage move to deal lethal damage) they might still outperform the armed duo in damage output depending on whether you allow successes to cancel successes or not. The duo's main advantage lies in their combined Health being twice as long, while a numerary advantage in most cases generally means you also have substantially higher damage output than the other side.
    Also the gunman can't use any of the bursts without hitting their friend, iirc.

    Edit: Forgot about the -4 penalty of firing into a grapple. The duo would have such a huge advantage against a regular brawler even if only one of them has a gun, but a dedicated grappler would nullify most advantages and as long as rolls don't deviate too much from expected would actually have a pretty good shot at winning the entire encounter as long as all three are evenly matched in their stats.
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