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Why did your PLAYERS embrace NPCs?

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  • Why did your PLAYERS embrace NPCs?

    Just wondering. In actual play, have your players (or you, if you were the player) embraced an NPC? If so, why? How did it work out?

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    One PC in a game I ran, embraced to repay a boon he owed to a Dragon NPC who wanted a disposable Mekhet to experiment on. The childe escaped but was stopped by another vampire. (Who was in disguise.) When the Dragon came to collect his project, the first vampire was revealed to be the prince who inquired what kind of project involved burning kindred and it went downhill for the Dragon from there. They each pretended they don't know the other and to this day the player is blithely unaware that his character's childe was the one who has outed some of his schemes which caused him to lose status in both the city and the covenant at the time.

    Another player embraced to expand their bloodline (Khaibit.) The childe refused to transition into the bloodline.

    One of my characters embraced her longtime retainer. It was a chronicle that ran for several years. He had approached my character and asked to be turned at one point. My character went through a few sessions, earned permission to embrace from the prince but actually conspired with a friend of hers to convince him to change his mind. Fast forward 4 more years as we are closing up the chronicle and clearing out a few plot hooks. He was being blackmailed, immediately decided he wasn't going to comply and plotted to murder his blackmailer and her associates. She escaped but her associates and many of her resources were liquidated and the blackmail material was publicized. He asked to be embraced and my character agreed, everything was already lined up for it.


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      1: A complete spontaneous decision, became the character's final Touchstone.
      2: Payment to the Crone. She took the Childe in exchange for a new Crúac Ritual.
      3: Expermentation purposes. Went out of control and is now staked under constant observation as the stake needs to be replaced regularly because it's literally being consumed by the Childe's body.
      4: Another experiment. Voivode 5 helps mitigating Humanity loss for Ordo characters who want to create their own test subjects.
      5 (planned): To be a companion and body guard to the first Childe.

      Bloodline: The Stygians
      Ordo Dracul Mysteries: Mystery of Smoke, Revised Mystery of Živa
      Mage The Awakening: Spell Quick Reference (single page and landscape for computer screens)


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        Setting a ghoul free before abandoning the city. Because a rogue Daeva with no idea what vampirism is is definitely safer than a blood-hungry ghoul…

        Creating a sacrifice to get some vampire-hunters off his tail.


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          No one's embraced anyone yet but the closest we came was to sort of 'teach him a lesson' in some sort of weird love/hate thing a player had with an NPC.