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Horrid Talons (VTR 2E)

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  • Hogsy
    started a topic Horrid Talons (VTR 2E)

    Horrid Talons (VTR 2E)

    I was wondering if the +2 L (2 AP) from Horrid Talons overrides the weapon modifiers of a few protean 3 animal forms or if it stacks. On every ability I've seen thus far it states that the weapon becomes a "+X L" weapon, but in this case it states that it gives the weapon a +2 L ( 2 AP) weapon modifier. Does this mean that it would stack with the weapon modifiers granted by animal forms? For example, a Tiger (using 1e animal stats) has +2 L (2 AP) on its claws. Would it stay the same or go up to +4 L (4 AP)?

  • tsusasi
    Horrid Talons (level 4 Protean unnatural aspect) would overwrite the claws you would have from the level 2 Protean which are only +1 Lethal (Bashing to vampires though) If your ST permitted you to have +2 Lethal claws from eating a tiger for the level 3 Protean Beast's Skin they would still only do Bashing to vampires. With Horrid Talons they would be +2 Lethal even to vampires and have armor piercing 2.
    Horrid Talons provides the combat modifier to Brawl attacks not Weaponry attacks and does not say it stacks with preexisting modifiers to Brawl or lower level Protean applications.
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