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The Geheim Bloodline (2e WIP)

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  • The Geheim Bloodline (2e WIP)

    So, one of my favorite bloodlines from first edition requiem was the Geheim: an Austrian-Hungarian bloodline of Ventrue who had created Blut Alchemie, a discipline that revolves around blood and alchemical achievements (obviously). So, I'm trying to give them a second edition update because I really want to play one at some point, but their first edition Blut Alchemie doesn't really sit right with me as is. Blut Alchemie requires a laboratory, and more importantly focused effort and time, to actually perform; I feel like this goes against how disciplines are treated in 2e, but it perfectly fits with how Blood Sorcery operates (especially with the Ordo's comments on it not really being a series of occult-scientific achievements). Now, I'm not necessarily the best at discipline design, so I figured I'd seek out some advice before I start fully compiling everything into a single document.

    However, without further ado this is what I have mechanics wise.

    Clan: Ventrue

    Disciplines: Animalism, Resilience, Dominate, Auspex

    Weaknesses: When a member of the bloodline refuses to feed she becomes irritable and quick to anger, and on the next night she rises with the Tempted condition; for each consecutive night that she foregoes feeding, the Geheim gains a negative one to the penalty to resist frenzy.

    Bloodline Gift: Blut Alchemie, a blood sorcery resembling alchemical techniques.

    Dice-Pool: Intelligence+Science+Blut Alchemie

    Sacrifice: The procedure used for Blut Alchemie will require a laboratory equal in resources spent to perform a procedure's rating. For example, a rating one procedure would require a laboratory equal in cost to one dot of resources (a garage chemistry station with marginal effort into making it) while a rating five procedure would need a laboratory equal in cost to five dots of resources (a state of the art chemistry lab). Any expenditures in vitae will depend on the rituals themselves, and this vitae may come from donations (freely given or stolen) rather than the kindred performing the procedure.

    I went with focusing more on the second weakness presented in the Ancient Bloodlines book because I was unsure whether to leave their resistance against vitae addiction as a minus one, or if they should gain more penalties from it. I debated making the negative equal to their blood potency for more bite, but I wasn't sure if that would be too harsh a penalty. So I've left it alone for now until I can think of a suitable penalty, if I am going to use it at all.

    I also made Blut Alchemie into an out of clan discipline to make it the same cost-wise to the covenant blood sorceries. I gave them auspex as a fourth in clan discipline due to their nature as alchemists because Auspex is one of the more mystical disciplines (though I know that all of the disciplines are magic), but I am also debating giving them Majesty instead of Auspex due to the bloodline's reputation for hedonism.

    I made Blut Alchemie's sacrifice involve what kind of workshop your resources can buy, and while this might seem easy in comparison to Cruac and Theban Sorcery, a kindred is unlikely to have a roaming state of the art laboratory in the back of a van while a theban priest or cruac acolyte can whip up something while hiding out in their buddy's basement. Though if anyone has any better ideas for the sacrifice, I'm open to suggestions.

    I'm currently placing around the original discipline powers into ratings, so I'll hope to have some more written up later; I figured I'd open the table to discussion right now to help me along with that process. So yeah, any suggestions on making this as good as can be will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for helping!

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    If you want Blut Alchemie to follow the ritual Discipline rules then I think Vitae would be the natural sacrifice. The original Discipline is all about transforming Vitae. Good lab equipment would grant the "elaborate ritual" bonus, and it wouldn't be sacrificed this way. A Blut Alchemie unique bonus (like meditation for Theban Sorcery or extra Vitae for Crúac) could be the use of mystical ingredients, granting a 1-3 bonus depending on their Availability ratings. One dot for one die, three dots for two dice, five dots for three dice.

    As for your reasoning behind why it would be a ritual Discipline, making it an extended Science roll makes it seem even more scientific than it used to, almost like the new Scales. Not that it's a bad thing that it seems scientific; the in-setting Ordo criticism was that it's not repeatable for non-Geheim, thus implying that despite all the scientific/alchemical trappings it's actually just a manifestation of that particular Bloodline's Gift.
    The mystical ingredient bonus I suggested would play into this, granting another scientific/alchemical trapping, but the non-specificity of those ingredients further implying that it's actually an internal power and not actual science behind it.

    My last critique is that Blut Alchemy should still be their fourth Discipline. Ritual Disciplines are still Disciplines, and the 1e Bloodlines that did have ritual Disciplines had it as their fourth. If you want to include Auspex (which I find very fitting for a mystically inclined Bloodline) then you could replace Animalism as that's the least fitting in-clan Discipline for the Geheim, imo.
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