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What is a competition?

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  • What is a competition?

    For competitive lashing out and the competitive condition.
    What is a competition?
    is a 1v1 Lingua Bellum a competition?
    What about trying to win someone's heart, or a date, when someone else is?
    What other non-direct competition could/would fall under this?

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    1. For purposes of Lashing out, trying to accomplish a defined objective against the target who is either trying to accomplish the same objective faster or better than you or where they have to prevent the other person from successfully completing the objective.
    2. In terms of the definition of competition, yes. Does it count as winning in a Lash Out scenario, that's up to the ST.
    3. If someone else says they can't or puts some kind of restrictions or caveats, or tries to do so also, yes.
    4. Can you be more specific on what you're asking?


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      Originally posted by Griautis View Post
      What other non-direct competition could/would fall under this?
      I would say just about any social circumstance where there could be a "winner", there is a competition.

      The competitive condition works by making your opponent kind of obsessed with winning. Any egging on action should do it. The agressor has an end in mind, and their means is to make the opponent work hard towards some end.

      For example, during my last session, the competition was one where some npcs wanted the PC to embarrass herself in a meeting. They lashed out by saying that the pc had made a mess of things. They hoped that the PC would protest too strongly and look childish. The PC fought back by saying that she saved their operation, and stepped on one npc's foot. This compegition's "win condition" was something like "don't get humiliated or humiliate yourself".

      I think your example of "competing for someone's heart" works couple different levels. Captain Hammer tells Dr Horrible that he'll bang Penny and make her fall in love with him. Competing for her heart is the lashing out. Or alternatively, if you are vying with an opponent for your beloved's affections, you could make your opponent Competitive to distract him from matters of the heart. Outbid him while making uncomfortable eye contact - now he's going to only focus on winning things, so he doesn't put effort into wooing. The opponent takes on the wrong ends.
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