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  • Teuton (Russian Ventrue Bloodline) - Homebrew

    Sorry for my bad English =)

    ground: In 1240 the Teutonic Order invaded Novgorod Republic during the Northen Crusade against Eastern Orthodox Christians. Taking down Pskov and Izorsk, they moved to approach Novgorod, where faced the furious resistance. The war continued until the famous Battle on Ice on the Chudskoe Lake in early spring, where the Teuton army was defeated and drowned under the cold water when the ice cracked under them.
    What stayed unknown is that one of the night Teuton squad was led by an ambitious Ventrue elder from Lancea et Sanctum. The Ventrue named Ludwig von Dörpt. He longed for the ultimate influence of the Monachal Creed in all the lands, so the idea of striking against the Byzantine Creed in Novgorod came natural to him. With his own little army of ghouls and thralls he moved together with the Crusade, staying as close to them as he could, but acting at nights only.
    In the cities taken by the Teutons, he enforced the Monachal Creed’s teaching by the fire and sword and without mercy. He killed every Kindred who refused to bend their knees before him, using his own ghouls and his influence over the Crusade army which was all too glad to burn the local Undead.
    But when the Crusade turned a devastation to the Teuton Order, Ludwig foun himself alone on his enemy's territory. Pskov and Izorsk had not too many vampires, mostly neonates and ancillae. As for Novgorod… local Prince was Yagnatia elder, and she declared a blood hunt against Ludwig. Kindred from all the region gathered and chased Ludwig down to the lake, turned into a grave for Teutons. Desperate Ludwig threw himself in cold water of the Chudskoe Lake, and his heavy armor pulled him down. There in cold embrace of Torpor he spent the next 100 years.
    In 1350 he woke. Hungry and mad, with the only wish to take revenge. When he went out of the lake, he began his slow ambitious plan. He hid among mortals, learning anew what it means to be a human… or to pretend at least. He found that cold waters of the lake cooled his Beast’s burning rage, and moreover, somehow the ice was his new armor and weapon. His heirs, deliberately chosen among russian nobility that lived around Novgorod, shared these powers too. So after 200 years, in 1543, he was ready to strike back.
    His new army was powerful enough to strike all of a sudden, destroying all the local Kindred and taking Novgorod from it’s Prince. Now Ludwig become the new Prince of Novgorod. Cold and ruthless, he beheaded all the Kindred loyal to the former Prince, and held these lands for himself and his new Bloodline.
    From 1543 to 1917 his Bloodline thrived. But then, as the Bolshevik’s Revolution began, and more and more neonates turned to the Carthian ideas, the European part of Russia became too dangerous for Kindred Sanctified and Invictus elders. Lots of them moved West or East to Western Europe and America or Ural and Siberia. Teutons – Ludwig’s new Bloodline – wasn’t an exception too. Ludwig himself met his Final Death when Carthians took him over and burned. His heirs still unlive all around the world.
    Becoming: Teutons usually choose their Childer with cold reason as tools for their ambitions. They Embrace those who show a strong will and self-control. After being Embraced, the new Teutons usually serve their Sires until they can prove to be too dangerous to be treated as pawns. From that moment their interaction becomes more partnership-like, and the Childe can Embrace his own servant.
    In the Dance Macabre: Teutons usually become the excellent weapon for All Night Society, being less rabid then Gangrel, but as dangerous as them in a fight. They tend to join Invictus most, where find a place as Judices, Sherriffs and Hounds.
    Some join to Lancea et Sanctum, becoming the most ruthless and devoted Inquisitors.
    Those ambitious enough sometimes become Princes, and turn their domains into cold authoritarian regimes.
    Parent Clan: Ventrue
    Nicknames: Snowmen (derogatory), Ice Knights (among themselves)
    Bloodline Bane: Teutons look like frozen, lifeless corpses, and it’s too hard for them to warm their blood. To activate Blush of Life Teuton must spend additional (10-Humanity) Vitae.
    Bloodline Gift: Teutons’ Beast is more calm and restrained. Each Willpower point spent to resist Frenzy gives +2 to the final roll instead of +1.
    Disciplines: Animalism, Dominate, Kältemacht, Resilience
    Ice Touch ()
    Teuton’s skin becomes too cold and drains warmth from anyone she touches, feeding this warmth to her.
    Price: 1 Vitae
    Dicepool: None
    Action: Instant
    Duration: Scene
    Teuton’s cold skin makes her every touch ice-cold, chilling every his victim to the bone. Grappling his enemy Teuton impose the Extreme Cold Tilt on him with the following changes: the victim gets penalty equal to Teuton’s Kältemacht dot rating after the first turn being grappled , which increases by -1 each following turn. After reaching -5 penalty mortal enemy takes 1 lethal damage each turn, while Teuton gets 1 Vitae for each injury point his victim suffers. Kindred victim gets only the penalty.
    Mortal victim that died that way looks frozen to death.

    Ice Heart (••)
    Teuton’s blood flows to her heart and freezes into a piece of ice.
    Price: N Vitae + 1 Willpower point
    Dicepool: None
    Action: Instant
    Duration: Scene
    This power has two effects. First, nobody can Diablerize the Teuton while this power is active. Second, her heart gets armor equal to (Vitae spent) up to her Kältemacht dot rating, which can protect her from staking.
    If Ice Touch is active too, Teuton’s skin gets general armor rating equal to half of her heart’s armor (round up). Staking attempts have to deal with both armor ratings (heart and skin).
    Drawback: While this power is active, the Vitae spent stays in Teuton heart lowering her maximum Vitae pool for (Vitae spent) until this power ends.

    Ice Will (•••)
    Ice freezes the very Teuton’s soul, making her unfazeable and indomitable.
    Price: None
    Dicepool: None
    Action: Reflexive
    Duration: Instant
    Teuton adds her Kältemacht dot rating as an additional penalty to her enemy’s roll resisted by Resolve and Composure instead of usual -2. Alternatively it can be activated during the Lash Out contested roll to prevent Teuton from getting Condition if her enemy wins by up to Kältemacht dot rating successes.

    Ice Blade (••••)
    Ice becomes not only Teuton’s defense but a weapon too.
    Price: N Vitae + 1 Willpower point
    Dicepool: None
    Action: Instant
    Duration: N turns after the activation (but see below)
    The black ice blade emerges from Teuton’s hand, born of her Vitae and forged by her will. The blade deals +2 damage. This damage is lethal for Kindred and other corporeal undead, but aggravated for mortals and other living warm-blooded creatures (i.e. werewolves and mages). Dealing damage to a vampire it drains equal amount of Vitae. Each Vitae drained or each aggravated injury point dealt increases the blade’s activity time by one turn. After this time ends the Blade melts into thick dark blood. This power can be ended before it’s time runs out in which case all unspent turns become Vitae, that returns to Teuton up to her maximum Vitae pool. All the rest Vitae exists as a spilled Teuton’s Vitae in the blood the blade melts into.

    Ice Breath (•••••)
    Cold air surrounds Teuton, binding her enemies moitons.
    Price: 1 Willpower point
    Dicepool: None
    Action: Instant
    Duration: Scene
    All the characters in (Kältemacht dot rating) meters (or yards) around Teuton get Extreme Cold Tilt. If the Ice Heart power is active too, they also get Ice Tilt (which doesn’t hamper Teuton herself). If Teuton activates Ice Touch while Ice Breath is active she can choose up to Kältemacht dot rating people in this area as targets and drain their Vitae (if they’re mortals) into her pool or Ice blade, dividing it as she sees fit.
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